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Posted: April 12, 2018

1. Day one - Watch videos and be inspired is external) 

2. Watch the classroom videos is external) and do a storyboard.

3. Use the rubric below to mark a previous student's stop motion which can be found on the right.  Be sure to put at least 150 words worth of comments and suggestions.

3. Day two - story boardDay three - Start taking picturesDay four, five, six... - Take more picturesNext day - Import pictures to E drive in your own folder on that computer, start looking for sounds you need sound effects.  Save the sounds on that same computer and record your own sounds, Background music is external) Sound effects - http://soundbible.Curriculum(link is external) 


The student will be able to...Use shot lists or storyboards to plan a video sequenceshoot a sequenceimport video into a projectperform basic video editing tasksknow appropriate video size, resolution, frame rate and formatsexport file format/settings are appropriate for playbackcreate multi-track projectsimport existing audio into a projectrecord audio in softwareperform basic audio editing tasksunderstand the basic principle of animationadd music/audio to an animation

Use the video provied to cut the video of yourself waving and place it in a new background.  Tutorial below.

Posted: March 26, 2018

  1. Extra-terreste - le 27 mars
  2. Chute de l'oeuf - le 29 mars
  3. Photos du soleil, la lune et les constellations - le 3 avril
  4. Journaux et conculsions - le 3 avril  (1. Si tu avais plus de temps et accès à plus de matériels quels changements ferais-tu à ta construction? (3 points)  2. Quelles innovations dans les véhicules modernes sont les plus importantes pour protéger ceux à l’intérieur?  Explique. (3 points)  3. Analyse et explique comment ton content a protégé (ou pas protégé ton œuf)?  Comment est-ce que ton contenant a protégé l’œuf de la gravité (4 points)?  4. Comment est-ce que les choses que tu as apprises au sujet de la protection de ton œuf pourraient s’appliquer aux lancement des fusées et sondes spatiaux? (2 points))
  5. Question du Big-Bang - le 9 avril
  6. Questions des humains dans l'espace
  7. Test - le 11 avril
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Answer the questions attached.  Group questions - due Wednesday March 21st.

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  1.  Reflection - watch the following video and answer these questions:   How does the background music contribute to the atmosphere of this stop motion video?  Identify foley sounds used.  How do these contribute to giving the illusion of animation of these objects?
  2. Find a 30-60 video that does not rely on spoken word.
  3. Import to Premiere Pro and unlink the video and audio.  Delete the audio.  Replace the background music and foley sounds with your own choice of sounds.  You can choose to re-create the soundscape as it was in the original or do something more creative.  You must include two of your own recorded foley sounds.  All explinations of how to do all this can be found in the tutorial attached below.mport to Premiere Pro and unlink the video and audio.  Delete the audio.  Replace all the music and foley sounds with your own sounds.  You can choose to re-create the piece as it was created or change it with new video.k is external)

Curriculum outcomes:

1.3 Students design and create digital audio products.  Basic science of sound  Different audio file formats  Elements of a digital audio editing software interface  Organize and manage audio assets  Create multi-track projects  Import existing audio into a project  Record audio in software  Perform basic audio editing tasks  Apply effects  Export final production into a common audio format 

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Posted: March 2, 2018

  • Research another photoshop artist.  Include some examples of their work.  Compare to Erik Johannson's work.  Which do you prefer? Why?  What makes these artists outstanding?  Write about 150 words.  Organize your thoughts and give good examples.  Include pictures or links to pictures in your reflection.
  • You have a choice ANIMAL MERGE or TRANSFORM A PERSON. 
  1. Merge two animals. Be inspired by clicking here.  You can also choose to do an animal and a fruit etc….  Go through the lesson attached.  It shows you how to change colours and the displacement map is great for substiuting textures (fur/feathers etc.)
  2. A complete transformation of a person that you photographed yourself like Avatar, smurf, vampire, zombie, devil, supermodel, beat-up person....  Here is a link to a great Avatar tutorial

Posted: February 25, 2018

Créer un modèle du système solaire en groupe de 2 à 3. Tu vas continuer à réviser et ajouter au modèle pendant l'unité.

Qu'est-ce qui doit être inclut:

  • la révolution de la Terre
  • la rotation de la Terre
  • l'axe de la Terre
  • le soleil
  • la Terre
  • la révolution de la lune
  • une compréhension d'une unité astronomique
  • une compréhension d'une année-lumière
  • Alpha (Proxima) de Centaure
  • Hubble

Create a card with light up options using the lesson below.

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