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Posted: January 18, 2018

This final writing assignment is worth 30% of your final mark.  It is and open book (as in you can consult books, the internet, discuss with others...) written final reflection.  Do not just ramble off the top of your head in a stream of consciousness - take time to plan and organize your thoughts before you start writing with an introduction, several paragraphs and a conclusion.  Total length 600-1000 word, but don't get hung up on counting words - you want to put in good detail and reflection not try to impress with lots of word or just enough. 


  1. Discuss what you consider to be the biggest issue(s) in the world today.  
  2. What are some possible solutions for our government or international organization?  
  3. What is your role in changing world issues?  How can you effect change?








The discussion lacks insight, depth or is superficial.

Response could be short and/or have irrelevant information.

It shows little understanding or evidence to support opinions.

The writing shows some limited insight, depth and is mostly connected with the main topic. It may contain some irrelevant material. The writing shows some understanding of the topic. 

The discussion shows some insight and depth. The content is connected with the topic. It may contain some irrelevant material but is for the most part on task. The student's personal opinion is expressed in an appropriate style.  The opinions are supported by detail and examples that show understanding of the content.

The writing shows insight, depth and understanding. It is well connected with the topic.  All content is relevant. The student's personal opinion is expressed in an appropriate style. It shows a high level of understanding and learning.







·    Incomplete and many grammatical mistakes

·    Information is unclear

·        Many spelling errors

·        Information may be off topic

·        Wording is unclear

·        Organization is sometimes hard to follow

·     Some spelling mistakes

·     Some parts off topic

·     Good organization

·     Ideas flows from one to the next

·        No spelling errors

·        Well organized ideas

·        Words/ideas/sentences are clear and flow intelligently from one to the next







·       Did not do a lot of research

·       A lot of information is guessed/common knowledge/incorrect

·       Limited research with some understanding of the situation but it may be limited to only one specific situation


·       Good research

·       Credible sources

·       Discussion includes several countries outside of Canada


·       Advanced research

·       Able to explain in depth while discussing well beyond just the Canadian experience








Due Date: 

Thursday, January 18, 2018
  1. Do the quiz:
  2. Reflect 150 words - Were you surprised by your result? How does it compare to others in the class? What could you change? What can't  you change?  What could be added or taken away from this calculator?
  3. Finish your environmental project

Posted: December 11, 2017

Create a company brand:

  • Choose five words that describe your company well
  • Choose a colour and a font ( that fit your description
  • Come up with a logo
  • Design letter head, t-shirts, business cards, packaging, a website, an app cover etc. to go with your company

Posted: December 6, 2017

In response to your questions:

  1.  If a student gets removed from the trip by the school because of their mis-behaviour will the money be refunded?
  2.  If a student gets sick and needs to leave early or stay later is the teacher covered/staying with them?  What happens to the chaperone to student ratio of the group that is left behind?
  3.  Can they use debit in Europe?
  4.  Do they need any immunizations?
  5.  How much can they buy in Europe and bring back without penalty?


1) No, this not a covered reason to cancel. Standard cancellation policies apply, however if they are being replaced by another student, the cancellation fee is reduced. If the traveller/family upgrades to the PLUS travel protection plan, they could claim 75% of the cancellation fee through the 'cancel for any reason' cover.

2) If a chaperone needs to fly home with a student, they would need to have travel protection too (for the flight cost to be covered). In the case of this tour, there would still be enough board-approved chaperones to look after the remaining students, even if a particular school's ratio dropped down from such an incident. If a student is hospitalised and the tour needs to continue to the next destination, the plan actually covers the cost of an adult family member to fly over the Europe to be with the student.

3) Yes, debit cards are accepted. I would just be careful about how many times you would use them. ie. don't rely on interac/eftpos for every transactions or purchase, as the Canadian bank will likely charge you $5 every time! Instead, use it to withdraw Euros once or twice during the tour. This sort of thing is included in our pre-departure information, so we'll go through all this in 12-15 months time.

4) No vaccines are required for the countries you are travelling to, however it is recommended that travellers are up to date with their standard shots (measles, tetanus, the flu shot is usually a good idea too)

5) $800 worth of goods is the limit for overseas purchases, before you may have to pay duty. This amounts may change between now and when you travel.


PDF icon junobeachpresentation.pdf13.75 MB

Two day research project on environmental issues.  In partners of your choice.  Must be presented to the class on Thursday.  Strongly encouraged to use lots of pictures and short video clips. Seek to show a Canadian example and one-three examples from other countries.



  • desertification 
  • ocean acidification
  • plastic in the ocean
  • enviroment as person
  • strip mining
  • loss of ecosystems
  • other


Answer the following:

  1. What is the problem? Give many examples with pictures/video.
  2. What is the economic importance of this resource?
  3. What are the long term impacts on the area?
  4. What solutions are being offered?
  5. What do you consider to be the realistic solution? *You must consider the need to  develop the economy as well





File environmentalproblemsrubric.docx13.62 KB
  1. Use Photoshop and the line tool to connect your shape (you can also just wait until having it in Tinkercad and put a block underneath). Export as a JPEG
  2. Use to convert the jpeg to SVG
  3. Use Click "import" choose the svg file
  4. Tinker your design - maybe add a box underneath to hold the pieces together
  5. Export your design as STL
  6. Use Matter Control software to print (it uses gcode lol)


Posted: November 27, 2017

How ethical is it to Photoshop an image for a magazine cover and in the news?  Should there be limits?  Respond with at least half a page (150 ?words) by citing specific examples from here or others

Weekly writing reflection








A challenge to read, not well edited, spelling mistakes are distracting

A few spelling or grammatical mistakes

Good intro and conclusion, no more than two spelling mistakes

Everything is written correctly and interestingly





3.5  4




Ideas are limited and not well supported

Some support of a main idea but not well developed

Main ideas have examples and are clearly expressed

A convincing explanation with examples and details





7  7.5  8

8.5  9 9.5






Binary Data photoshop_reflection.notebook12.53 MB

Posted: November 27, 2017

Test d'histoire - le 8 décembre

Projet d'histoire - le 4 décembre

Microsoft Office document icon ecrit_historique_rubrique.doc47 KB
File unitplan.docx15.05 KB

Posted: November 14, 2017

Quiz jeudi le 16 novembre

Jeux interactif

Je ne trouve pas un cite pour créer un jeux en français alors Allemagne = Germany, Pays-Bas = Netherlands, Suisse = Switzerland, Espagne = Spain, Royaume-Uni = United Kingdom, Suède = Sweden


Posted: November 14, 2017

Create a working Makey Makey project using Scratch.  See tutorials below:

File makeymakeyrubric1.docx12.86 KB



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