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Posted: November 14, 2017

Quiz jeudi le 16 novembre

Jeux interactif

Je ne trouve pas un cite pour créer un jeux en français alors Allemagne = Germany, Pays-Bas = Netherlands, Suisse = Switzerland, Espagne = Spain, Royaume-Uni = United Kingdom, Suède = Sweden


Posted: November 14, 2017

Create a working Makey Makey project using Scratch.  See tutorials below:

File makeymakeyrubric1.docx12.86 KB

Posted: November 7, 2017

Choose three of the following. (If there is no equipment available work on your touch-up assignment)


Art Rage

3D printer

($1 per print)

3D pen

Vinyl cutting


Tips with the tablet

Site to download 3D objects

Beginner tutorial

Changing filament colour

Tinkercad tutorial


(you must create an account or your work will not be saved – it’s free)



Loading the mat

Multi colour



Exceptional (85-100%)

Drawing uses several tools, techniques and shading

Designs something rather complex, no flaws or does major modifications to an existing design and successfully prints

A complex beautiful 3D object

At least two colours, student’s own design, transferred to another object and fits perfectly



Drawing uses at least two tools with different brush sizes and colours to make the drawing

Either modifies or does a simple design on Tinkercad and successfully prints

A 3D object that resembles the original

A more complex object that you traced our self and transferred to another object



Draws a simple image with several colours and it is clear what the image represents

Prints an object with some modifications like scale and position

A 2 dimensional object that resembles the original

One successful single colour print from the gallery and transferred to another object

Beginner (0-59%)

There is limited use of tools and/or the image is not very detailed or colourful

50% prints an object exactly as it came in from thingiverse

Very simple, sloppy or unidentifiable

Sloppy cutting, multiple lines not cleaned up



Posted: November 3, 2017

 Give a summary of the book; give us a context for understanding the situation in the book; and analyze and explain the author's perspective.  Also there needs to be some kind of activity that consolidates their learning of your topic.  See the rubric attached below.  Due date November 14th.

Microsoft Office document icon book_project_rubric-_class_0.doc51.5 KB

Hand in a one page in-depth reflection comparing the five charters discussed in class.  You can discuss the importance of them, various details that struck you, controversial topics that arose from your discussions or any other topic that you find relevant.  The expectation is that your ideas are well thought-out, organized and expressed using good writing skills.  Don't just dump a stream of consciousness type of writing.  Bonus marks to an actual plan that you use to organize your ideas before you start writing.  You can write or type but you must check spelling and other conventions.  Remember - if you want people to listen to your ideas they will be more likely to think you are intelligent if you spell correctly!  Length 250 words.

P.S. I humbly admit I spell checked this and it had three errors.  There is no shame in spellchecking.

Posted: October 31, 2017

Take a close-up, high quality picture of you or a friend.  Alter the picture to: Perfect the skin Change eye colour Whiten the teeth OR darken the circles under their eyes, add blackened teeth, bruising, wrinkles...


Binary Data touch_up_lesson.notebook8.88 MB
Microsoft Office document icon touch-up_rubric.doc34 KB

Posted: October 23, 2017

Typography portrait assignment.  Use the lesson below to see how.  To help with having text follow a path check out this video link:

Binary Data typography.notebook9.73 MB
Microsoft Office document icon typography_rubric.doc28.5 KB

Jigsaw activity

Consider the different documents supporting human rights (Magna Carta, UN's, Canada, US)

  • Become an expert on your document
  • Provide notes for others to copy of most important parts of the document
  • Discuss how this document could be interpreted, how it has been in the news and how it could be challenged in the future
  • Prepare three deep-thinking questions about your charter to ask the group
  • Present your notes and observations to your initial group.
  • Discuss your questions with the group and take notes of the responses.  Hand-in your notes from the conversation, your three questions and your notes on the charter for marks.

Posted: October 23, 2017

Tâches à compléter:

·        Entrevue avec un immigrant le 26 octobre

·        Quiz le 27 octobre - (À connaître: les six classes d'immigrants, les critères pour venir au Canada comme travailleur autonome, les critères pour devenir citoyen et les facteurs d'adversité et attirance)

·        Dissertation le 30 octobre  - CORRIGÉ-le avec Microsoft Word et

·        Cérémonie pour le Jour de Souvenir le 9 novembre

Re-design a terrible piece of graphic design from the internet.  Use white space and rule of thirds to really make your image more balanced and attractive.

(In Photo-shop, press Ctrl-K to open your Preferences. Click on Guides, Grid & Slices from the list on the left and change the settings for the Grid section as follows: Gridline every 100 percent, Subdivisions 3, and click OK. When you turn on the grid by pressing Ctrl-‘(apostrophe) a rule-of-thirds grid will be superimposed over the image.)


White Space and Rule of thiRDS







White space

Cluttered – little use of white space

Some white space being used effectively

Good passive white space around all elements. No clutter.  Text is legible.

White space is used actively as well for sophistication and clarity



0  1  2

3.5   4



Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds not being followed

Some effort to apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is mostly applied but some elements don’t quite fit

Rule of thirds is applied consistently



0  1  2

3.5   4




Few very visible changes

Some changes are made and the overall design is less cluttered

Good improvements – the modified image is easier to take in than the original

Beautiful design – really attracts the eye and is easy to read



0  1  2

3.5   4









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