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Posted: October 31, 2017

Take a close-up, high quality picture of you or a friend.  Alter the picture to: Perfect the skin Change eye colour Whiten the teeth OR darken the circles under their eyes, add blackened teeth, bruising, wrinkles...


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Posted: October 23, 2017

Typography portrait assignment.  Use the lesson below to see how.  To help with having text follow a path check out this video link:

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Jigsaw activity

Consider the different documents supporting human rights (Magna Carta, UN's, Canada, US)

  • Become an expert on your document
  • Provide notes for others to copy of most important parts of the document
  • Discuss how this document could be interpreted, how it has been in the news and how it could be challenged in the future
  • Prepare three deep-thinking questions about your charter to ask the group
  • Present your notes and observations to your initial group.
  • Discuss your questions with the group and take notes of the responses.  Hand-in your notes from the conversation, your three questions and your notes on the charter for marks.

Posted: October 23, 2017

Tâches à compléter:

·        Entrevue avec un immigrant le 26 octobre

·        Quiz le 27 octobre - (À connaître: les six classes d'immigrants, les critères pour venir au Canada comme travailleur autonome, les critères pour devenir citoyen et les facteurs d'adversité et attirance)

·        Dissertation le 30 octobre  - CORRIGÉ-le avec Microsoft Word et

·        Cérémonie pour le Jour de Souvenir le 9 novembre

Re-design a terrible piece of graphic design from the internet.  Use white space and rule of thirds to really make your image more balanced and attractive.

(In Photo-shop, press Ctrl-K to open your Preferences. Click on Guides, Grid & Slices from the list on the left and change the settings for the Grid section as follows: Gridline every 100 percent, Subdivisions 3, and click OK. When you turn on the grid by pressing Ctrl-‘(apostrophe) a rule-of-thirds grid will be superimposed over the image.)


White Space and Rule of thiRDS







White space

Cluttered – little use of white space

Some white space being used effectively

Good passive white space around all elements. No clutter.  Text is legible.

White space is used actively as well for sophistication and clarity



0  1  2

3.5   4



Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds not being followed

Some effort to apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is mostly applied but some elements don’t quite fit

Rule of thirds is applied consistently



0  1  2

3.5   4




Few very visible changes

Some changes are made and the overall design is less cluttered

Good improvements – the modified image is easier to take in than the original

Beautiful design – really attracts the eye and is easy to read



0  1  2

3.5   4







Posted: October 16, 2017

  1.   How did you use on the functions of art? (social/political justice, influence popular ideas, challenge a thought process)
  2.   How do people who have seen your art react to it?  Do they ask questions? Are they curious? Is your message clear? Is your artwork communicating your message in a clear and effective way?
  3. How precise were the details in your art?  Did you use symbolism, colour and shape to communicate your message? 
  4. What grade would you give yourself out of 20 and why?

Due date October 30th






Posted: October 6, 2017

Le test sera le 11 octobre.  Le revue est attaché ici.

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Vous avez trois taches à faire durant les deux jours:

1.     Identifier la région et justifier leur réponse

2.     Divisez les tâches équitablement entre les membres de votre famille pour s’établir

3. Créez votre plan de survie à l’aide des ressources disponibles dans votre région.   Utilisez le guide des plans de survie pour vous aider à organiser et expliquer vos choix de survie.


4.  Soyez prêt a présenter leur plan a la classe jeudi

Posted: September 28, 2017

  • Day 1 – Students are to discuss the prejudice questions provided.  Then they are to provide a one page answer to one or more question of their choice from the ones provided.  Opinions need context.  They must defend their opinions with concrete evidence.
  • Day 2 – Do a one day research on one country of their choice but it cannot be a first world country and it cannot be one that they know anything about before today.  The must make a one page poster to hang on the wall (it can be done by hand or on a computer and printed).  They must include the following information: What cultures live there?  What language is spoken?  What is the economy based on? Who colonised that country in the past? What are the major issues facing that country today? Something interesting that you learned about that country.

Posted: September 25, 2017

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