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Mrs. Halas Moulton teaches Graphic Arts, Digital Tech, Science, Social Studies, Make, Environmental Issues and World Issues

Posted: September 19, 2017

Create a presentation with very little text where you talk to the class and explan...  5 minutes max

  • Who are they?
  • How are they changing the world? What problem are they tackling?
  • Why do you consider him/her to be a hero?
  • Short video clip? (max 2-3 minutes)

Posted: September 18, 2017

Mercredi le 18 septembre.  Un quiz pour pratiquer si tu veux:


Posted: September 15, 2017

  1. Logo (handed in)
  2. Notebook assignment (see way below)
  3. Zombie apocalypse photo merge
  4. Simple merge (see directly below)
  5. Pokemon/hockey card (see lesson below)
Binary Data photo_merge.notebook1.91 MB
Binary Data card_lesson.notebook6.65 MB

Posted: September 14, 2017

Une tâche à compléter en classe. Sélectionnez un artiste canadien et créez une page "Fakebook". Cet artiste peut être un chanteur, un auteur-compositeur, un peintre, un écrivain, etc. SVP veuillez agréer l'artiste avec moi avant de commencer!

Points possible: 

  • Section « Info »   0  1  2  3
  • Section « Intérêts »   0  1  2  3
  • La section « mur » représente bien la vie de l’artiste  0  1  2  3
  • Démontre quelques peinture/sculptures/chansons avec des images/liens  0  1  2  3 
  • Qualité de présentation – choix d’images, texte, emojis 0  1  2  3  4  5
  • Correction du français – 0  1  2  3  4  5  (Ton courriel est


bias, discrimination, prejudice, privilege and racism

  1. Google - define ____________ and write that down
  2. Is this a good clear definition? ?Try a different dictionary
  3. Come up with one example from the news
  4. Come up with one of more examples from your life
  5. Rewrite the definition with simpler words an example - make it nice and stand out

Read up about 9/11 choose an important point that you would like to disucss like:

  • What is the impact of 9/11?
  • What is the evidence of conspiracy? What are the counter-arguments?
  • How has our world changed (security, trust, "the War on Terror")?
  • Do you see an end to the heightened security against terrorism?

Due Date: 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Quiz mercredi le 13 septembre - les 15 faits historiques à mémoriser

Arbre généologique



Du travail à faire



Noms et générations

Moins que 20 personnes ou trois générations

20 à 29 personnes, trois générations

30 à 39 personnes, quatre générations

Un minimum de  40 et cinq générations


0 à 11

12  13

14  15  16

17  18  19  20


L’arbre n’est pas organisé par les générations

Les générations prennent de l’effort à comprendre

Les générations sont pas mal organisé et facile à voir

Les générations sont très évidentes


0 à5

6  6.5 

7  7.5  8

8.5  9  9.5   10


Il y a un manque d’effort pour bien présenté l’information

Le travail est lisible

Le travail est facile à lire

L’arbre est spécial avec des images et ça attire l’attention


0 à5

6  6.5 

7  7.5  8

8.5  9  9.5   10


Plusieurs fautes

Quelques fautes

Problèmes d’accents et de traits d’unions

Sans fautes


0 à5

6  6.5 

7  7.5  8


Histoire d’un membre de la famille


Un tier de page

Un demi-page de notes


0 à5

6  6.5 


Posted: September 8, 2017

Share your thoughts on the questions of privilege handed out or the article above.  You have choice about how you express your thougths - it could be a journal entry or a speech or art or something else entirely.  However, your ideas need to be well thought out and statements supported with evidence that comes from credible sources.

Posted: September 7, 2017

Create a 4-6 page SMART Notebook presentation that is both visually appealing, creative, interactive, and well-thought out.  The topic is your choice. All pages need to have a consistent layout. Light against dark or dark against light. Minimum 24 point font. Include a one page introduction with a menu. Include pages linked to home page as well as the home page menu linking forward. Minimum of one " erase to reveal" and one pull tab.

SMART Notebook Assessment Checklist


3-5 pages                                                                        0  5

Dark against light or light against dark                     0  1  2

Text easy to read against background                      0  1  2

Text 24+                                                                          0  1  2

Fonts serve a purpose                                                  0  1  2

Pages have a consistent or purposeful layout         0  1  2  3              

Choice of images                                                           0  1  2  3  4



Pull tab                                                                             0  1  2  3  4  5

Reveals (magic eraser, pull tabs, fades…) 0  1  2  3  4  5

Links                                                                                 0  1  2  3  4  5




Posted: September 1, 2017

All courses:

Due to the importance of being and active contributing members of a group for many of the projects marks will be earned based on the days present and working on a project.  For example, if a project takes ten class days to complete and a student only attends five they will receive 50% of the mark that the group received.


All marks are based on a scale where a “C” indicates that work is sufficient but needs in improvement; a “B” is proficient; and an “A” indicates exceptional work. Students will have many opportunities for feedback and to improve their work before they hand in a final project.

Supplies: All courses need a USB, headphones, binder, paper, pen and maybe colouring stuff.


Late assignment policy:

-    To get full marks, assignments need to be handed in by the assigned due date.

-    For every date late, after the assignment due date, 10% will be deducted from the mark (up to a maximum of 40%).  Weekends count as one day.

-    If a student is absent on a due date, a written excuse from a parent or guardian must be presented upon the student’s return, or the late-day deductions will apply.

-    A student’s mark cannot be lower than 60% given that the student deserves a passing grade on the assignment to begin with.  Any work getting a mark of less than 60% will receive that grade.

-    In order to be graded, all work must be handed in no later than 2 weeks after the given due date of the assignment.  Term marks are final.


BLMS Attendance Incentive –

Exams are normally worth 30% of students’ mark. To reach Academic Incentive, a student must meet the following criteria:

1)                Miss 5 or fewer classes in that particular subject (school activities exempted); AND

2)                Be in good standing (not owing for assignments, projects, etc.)


The subject teacher will then apply one of the three following options to the student’s advantage:

1)                15% Final Exam, 85% Class Mark

2)                50% Final Exam, 50% Class Mark


Extra help is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at lunch upon request. 

Coop MAKE 120 – period 5 


BLMS MakerSpace explores STEAM projects that involve Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This course will enable students to undertake creative, innovative and entrepreneurial projects in the classroom.  Students will explore a variety of technologies while designing and engineering their own projects.  The course is designed to apply the 4C’s of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communications.  These skills are beneficial in any workplace and are essential for life-long learning. 


Tentative assignments

Semester  1

Semester 2 35% each

Journal/Tech points/assignments



Project #1




Final project that includes aspects of all of the previous units




 Sciences humaines (Social Studies) FI9 – period 2

This course is designed with the intention exploring all aspects of Canadian identity.  We will cover topics including culture, geography, politics, immigration, world issues, and history.  This course includes many projects and hands-on activities.  Students will not have homework every night, but there will times where they will be working on big projects and have work to do at home. 


 Tentative assignments

Semester  1

Family tree

Geography project

Remembrance Day

Interview with an immigrant

Quizzes and tests


Semester 2

History project

Political party project

Quizzes and tests



Final exam in January



Graphic Arts – period 4

This course is designed with the intention of learning how to critically appreciate and create graphic designs.  Students will explore taking and editing images.  This course can be an introductory for students interested in doing design as a career or for personal use like making cards, posters, brochures and re-touching pictures.  The emphasis of this course is on continuous learning as a community of learners.  Students with limited computer skills can do very well in this course; however, students with irregular attendance are not likely to succeed as all the work is done in class using our software.


 Tentative assignments

Semester  1

Blending and layering


Photo re-touch

Vinyl cutting


Semester 2

Photo restoration

Digital Drawing or 3D drawing or 3D printing


Door project



Final project that includes aspects of all of the previous units



 World Issues 120 – period 5

This course is designed with the intention exploring world issues that are both relevant to the students and current by studying evolving issues.  Students will read, write, interview and present projects.  The emphasis of this course is on collaborative learning and discussion; therefore, students with irregular attendance are not likely to succeed. 


Participants in this course must be respectful of the opinions and cultures of others within the class.  This class will not be emotionally comfortable.  The subjects discussed will be controversial and our opinions may be challenged.


 Due to the importance of being and active contributing members of a group for many of the projects marks will be earned based on the days present and working on a project.  For example, if a project takes ten class days to complete and a student only attends five they will receive 50% of the mark that the group received.


 Tentative assignments

Semester  1

Bias and culture

Novel and presentation

Resource depletion



Semester 2

Environmental, economic and social issues

Novel and presentation




Final project that includes aspects of all of the previous units







Write around 500 words as a final reflection on what you have learned in the course.  Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the greatest environmental problem facing the world today?
  2. What should governments and organizations be doing to improve this problem?  Be specific and you can think bigger than what is probable.
  3. What could you personally be doing to improve this situation?



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