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Posted: March 2, 2018

  • Research another photoshop artist.  Include some examples of their work.  Compare to Erik Johannson's work.  Which do you prefer? Why?  What makes these artists outstanding?  Write about 150 words.  Organize your thoughts and give good examples.  Include pictures or links to pictures in your reflection.
  • You have a choice ANIMAL MERGE or TRANSFORM A PERSON. 
  1. Merge two animals. Be inspired by clicking here.  You can also choose to do an animal and a fruit etc….  Go through the lesson attached.  It shows you how to change colours and the displacement map is great for substiuting textures (fur/feathers etc.)
  2. A complete transformation of a person that you photographed yourself like Avatar, smurf, vampire, zombie, devil, supermodel, beat-up person....  Here is a link to a great Avatar tutorial

Posted: February 25, 2018

Créer un modèle du système solaire en groupe de 2 à 3. Tu vas continuer à réviser et ajouter au modèle pendant l'unité.

Qu'est-ce qui doit être inclut:

  • la révolution de la Terre
  • la rotation de la Terre
  • l'axe de la Terre
  • le soleil
  • la Terre
  • la révolution de la lune
  • une compréhension d'une unité astronomique
  • une compréhension d'une année-lumière
  • Alpha (Proxima) de Centaure
  • Hubble

Create a card with light up options using the lesson below.

Binary Data card_lesson.notebook6.65 MB
  1. Blend two pictures together.  In order to make it realistic you need to use the same angle, resolution and lighting.  You also nee to use the feathering option and do some colour correcting.  If you look up videos on youtube look for version CS3 Photoshop videos.
  2. Reflection: Type up in word and submit on jump drive or with SMART Synch.  Your audience is a teacher.  Take time to organize your thoughts and use Spellcheck.  What is digital art?  What similarities and differences do you see compared to mroe tradtional forms of art like paint or sculpture?How does the example of the boy with the tarp-road exemplify his three rules of merging pictures?  Do you like Erik Johannason's art?  Explain.    Click here for his website: is external)  


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Create a one page info-graphic on one of the issues raised in the carbon footprint calculator.  Work in groups of 2-3 to inform about the impact on the environment and ways which people could reduce their carbon footprint. Use credible sources of information and name your source in the bottom right hand side of your image.

 Topics raised:

  1. eating animal-based products
  2. eating locally
  3. eating processed food
  4. eating packaged food
  5. housing and housing construction materials
  6. power usage
  7. energy efficient appliance
  8. renewable energy sources
  9. generation of trash - purchasing
  10. generation of trash - recycling
  11. daily/weekly transportation - carpooling and public transportation
  12. flying on a plane
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Posted: January 29, 2018

Environmental Science - Carbon Footprint Calucuator

Type a reflection and edit it in Word then paste it here in the comments section.  You can use these questions to guide your reflection: Were you surprised at your result?  What are areas in your life that you could easily reduce your impact on the planet? What areas would be more difficult?  What are some areas of your life that you never even considered as having a negative impact on the environment?  Do you challenge the use of some of the areas they use to calculate ones carbon footprint?  


Post your thoughts and your comments on others from the class here:

Posted: January 29, 2018

Environmental Science Survey

Download the attached file and create your own SMART Notebook assignment following the model.  Here is a guide for the assignment but going above and beyond the list is encouraged:



Page 1 Name

 Frame + Picture + Background

Page 2

Personal Intelligence

Screenshot and link

Page 3 Family and friends

Fades (aka simple reveals) and grouping

Page 4 – Hobbies

Pull tabs

Page 5


Magic reveals

Page 6 –

Shining Star time

Do two of the following: magic reveals, link sound, animated gifs


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