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Posted: March 31, 2017

  1. Quiz - le 5 avril - Identifier nom d'élément, numéro atomique, masse atomique, # protons, neutrons et électrons
  2. Labo # 4 - le 10 avril
  3. Test de Chimie - le 13 avril

Voici un quiz qui pourrais-t-aider...

Posted: March 23, 2017

Quiz et question de labo demain.  Leçon attachée si vous en avez besoin.

PDF icon chem1.pdf7.15 MB
  1. Merge two animals. Be inspired by looking at photoshopped animals on youtube.  You can also choose to do an animal and a fruit etc….  Go through the lesson attached.  It shows you how to change colours and the displacement map is great for substiuting textures (fur/feathers etc.)
Binary Data animal_merge_4.notebook10.11 MB

Posted: March 3, 2017

You have options:

  1. Create a game that someone else can play.  It must play smooth and engage others for at least a couple of minutes.  There should be an objective (i.e. score points, knock down the other player, don't drop something....). For Frogger - choose "Tech Units -Scratch 1 - frogger"
  2. Make a musical instrument
  3. You can also try something completely different like making a hand you can high-five, a motion-capture camera or a musical instrument from water...
  4. Come up with some new form of brilliance

JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL - What you are learning? What are you planning? What are you thinking about it?

  1. Salmon project - cut styrofoam, journal, start pump
  2. Local food - find and plan ingredients - draw set-up
  3. Aquaponics - start other pump, water plants, set up in solarium and
  4. Bee project - plant, transplant, water and set up in solarium
  5. Living wall - plan, design and plant
  6. Gardening -


  1. Take a close-up, high quality picture of you or a friend.  Alter the picture to: Perfect the skin Change eye colour Whiten the teeth OR darken the circles under their eyes, add blackened teeth, bruising, wrinkles...
  2. How ethical is it to Photoshop an image for a ?magazine cover?  Should there be limits? What limits? Respond with at least half a page (150 words) by citing specific examples from here or others.
Binary Data touch_up_lesson.notebook8.88 MB

Posted: February 22, 2017

Make 120 - Coding basics

  1. Answer the questions on the word document attached.  Answer in complete sentences and submit via SMART Synch (the orange button on the bottom right)
  2. Create a mini-presentation for the class on one source of energy: nuclear, solar, fossil fuels, wind, tidal, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectricity. Explain how energy is created (less than 20 words) with a video (2-4 minutes) demonstrating this.  List three advantages and three disadvantages of that source of energy.  Create a kahoot with at least ten questions about your energy source ( or another interactive game.



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