Digital Productions 120 - Assignment #2 and 3 Photoshop simple merge

Posted: February 13, 2018

  1. Blend two pictures together.  In order to make it realistic you need to use the same angle, resolution and lighting.  You also nee to use the feathering option and do some colour correcting.  If you look up videos on youtube look for version CS3 Photoshop videos.
  2. Reflection: Type up in word and submit on jump drive or with SMART Synch.  Your audience is a teacher.  Take time to organize your thoughts and use Spellcheck.  What is digital art?  What similarities and differences do you see compared to mroe tradtional forms of art like paint or sculpture?How does the example of the boy with the tarp-road exemplify his three rules of merging pictures?  Do you like Erik Johannason's art?  Explain.    Click here for his website: is external)  


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