Last Name First Name Email Grades Title
Barlow R First Nation Support Worker
Beers A Grade 9-10 Teacher
Carter G Costodian
Comeau J Grade 9-12 Guidance
Conroy K Grade 9-12 Teacher
Daigle E Grade 11-12 Teacher
Davis C Grade 9-10 Vice-principal
Dobry D Educational Assistant
Doucette R Methods and Resource Teacher
Fillmore D Educational Assistant
Foubert R Teacher
Francis M Grade 9-12 Teacher
Fullerton N Grade 11-12 Teacher
Gallagher M Teacher
Glendenning D Teacher
Halas Moulton K 9-12 Teacher
Hannay L Grade 9-11 Teacher
Hebert K Educational Assistant
Hickey B Grade 9-10 Teacher
Hudson J Grade 9-10 Teacher
Hudson S Grade 11-12 Teacher
Hutchinson L Educational Assistant
Kavanagh D Educational Assistant
Ketch L Grade 10-12 Teacher / SPR
Lagendijk J Educational Assistant
Lawson W Grade 12 Teacher
Leblanc J Library Worker
Leger I Educational Assistant
Lennox B M&R Teacher / SPR
Little H Grade 9-10 Teacher
Lockerbie K Grade 9 Alt Ed Teacher
Lynch B Grade 11-12 Teacher
MacMillan R Grade 11Grade 12 Teacher
McLaughlin W. Grade 9 Teacher
Mourant P Principal
Perry M Educational Assistant
Pitre C Guidance Counselor
Richard N Educational Assistant
Richard G Teacher (On Maternity Leave)
Robichaud K Custodian II
Rodgers J Administrative Assistant
Ryan S Grades 9 - 12 Educational Assistant
Sock S First Nation Support Worker
Sock K Native Education and Intervention
Theriault B Custodian
Thompson A Grade 9-12 Teacher
Vautour S Educational Assistant
Vautour A Custodian
Warman C Community School Coordinator
Woodburn R Grade 9-12 Teacher