Digital Productions 120 - Reflection #2 and Assignment #4

Posted: February 25, 2018

  • Research another photoshop artist.  Include some examples of their work.  Compare to Erik Johannson's work.  Which do you prefer? Why?  What makes these artists outstanding?  Write about 150 words.  Organize your thoughts and give good examples.  Include pictures or links to pictures in your reflection.
  • You have a choice ANIMAL MERGE or TRANSFORM A PERSON. 
  1. Merge two animals. Be inspired by clicking here.  You can also choose to do an animal and a fruit etc….  Go through the lesson attached.  It shows you how to change colours and the displacement map is great for substiuting textures (fur/feathers etc.)
  2. A complete transformation of a person that you photographed yourself like Avatar, smurf, vampire, zombie, devil, supermodel, beat-up person....  Here is a link to a great Avatar tutorial