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Posted: April 1, 2015


Sun, Mar 29/15 9:00 pm
Law 120: ***see me at noon for last week's plansMon.= research; Tues.= documentary; Wed.- Thurs.= UN articles assignment English 123: see me at noon for last week's plans ***Mon.= reading; Tues.- Thurs.= multi-gentre project Human Services 11-0: see me for last week's plans Mon -Tues. = documentary; Wed. = nursing home (#4); Thursday= research topic #7  

Posted: March 19, 2015


Sun, Mar 15/15 9:00 pm
Law 120: Tues. =notes Iv-V; Thurs.=notes V-Vi; Fri.=articles (2) English 123:Tues.= chpts. 12-14 reading; Thurs. =chpts. 12-14 assignment; Fri.=voc. lesson 5 Human Sevices 110: Tues.=Families video clip; Thurs.= Families (assignment); Fri.= finish assignments ...

Posted: March 13, 2015


Sun, Mar 8/15 9:00 pm
Law 120: Mon.= blog 3, resarch topic due; Tues.- Thurs.= read/notes chpt. 4, s.1-3; Fri.= articles 9, 10 English 123: Mon. =reading day (library); Tues.-Thurs.= novel chpts. 5-10; Fri.= lesson 4 quiz Human Services 110: Mon.-Tues.= finish memory books; Wed. = nursing home visit (1); Thurs.= assembly; Fri.= research #4: inventions 

Posted: February 23, 2015


Sun, Feb 22/15 8:00 pm
English 12-3Law 12-0Human Services 11-0 ***Please note that plans for this month have not been posted; catch-up time = Fridays @ noon; weekly posts will be availabe after the break.

Posted: January 13, 2015


Sun, Jan 11/15 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=exam review (prose and novel); Tues.= exam review (poetry and play)/RELPA; Wed.= exam rev. (draft essay)/RELPA; Thurs.= questions/ draft essay (esp. for RELPA students); Fri.= poetry and play review for RELPA students AND wrap-up... Law 12-0: Mon.=exam prep. ; Tues.= exam part I; Wed.= exam part II; Thursday= exam, part III; Friday= buffer/ wrap-up .... Co-op 12-0: Mon.=wrap-up; info. needed; Tues.- Friday = last accum. hours & thank yous .... 

Posted: January 6, 2015


Mon, Jan 5/15 8:00 pm
Welcome back.   English 12-3:Tues.= AR/BR due; if done work on lesson 7 (study); Wed.= poems; Thursday=prose; Friday=voc.7; etc. ***review and RELPA (for some next week)   Law 12-0: Tues.= due: terms 9,10; presentations;scrapbooks; Wed.= chpt. 9 notes; Thurs.=chapter 10 notes; Fri.= exam preview ***in class exam, next Tues-Fri.   Co-op 12-0: Tues. - Friday= hours to 130? ***next week: Mon.=here; last days at work =  Tues.- Fri.

Posted: December 16, 2014


Sun, Dec 14/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=last day to read; Tues. - Thurs.= poetry (memorable moments; writing prose and poems when we get back... plus a review);Friday= voc.7 lesson only   Law 12-0: Mon.=court trip; Tues.= go over cases and do terms 9; Wed.= final student presentations; Thurs.= terms 10; Friday= final scrapbooking and homework (read chpts. nine and ten over the holidays)   Co-op 12-0: another full week of hours; paper work pending...; eight more days in Jan.    

Posted: December 9, 2014


Sun, Dec 7/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3:  Mon.=READ (2hrs left); Tues.= surveys; Wed.= finish prose part of chapter; Thursday; topics; draft begun; Friday= lesson 6 test   Law 12-0: Mon.=presentations; Tues- Wed..= chpt. 6 read/notes continued; Thurs.= chpt. 9 terms?; Friday= aricles 25, 26   Co-op 12-0: Mon.= work; Tues. =RLC @ BLMS (speaker, paperwork, etc.); Wed.- Friday= more hours....

Posted: December 5, 2014


Sun, Nov 30/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=Read for report/AR #2 due Jan. 7; Tues.= new unit (prose and poetry); Wed.= heritage fair; Thurs.= keep reading abd responding to prose in the text chapter "Memorable Moments"; Friday= voc. lesson 6   Law12-0: Mon.= five student research presentations; Tues.= terms test finished; Wed.= chapter catch-ups; Thurs. =chpt. 6 reading/note-taking, part i ...; Fri.= articles 23, 24 (due soon: 28)   Co-op 12-0; Mon.- Thurs.= skills meeting with employers; Friday: NEED paperwork (pink package with signatures and logs, if not already in)


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