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Posted: October 7, 2009


Tue, Oct 6/09 9:00 pm
English 123: We read the important  first chapter of the novel and answered questions 1-10.  Marks were available. Broadcast Journalism 120: A Photoshop lesson was given.  Get photos together. Reading Tutor 120: It was 'viewing day' and we did a couple of fun activities. English Language 11-12 Wriitng Intervention: If we have a class, we will work on vocabulary.  Be ready for descriptive pieces next week.

Posted: October 6, 2009


Mon, Oct 5/09 9:00 pm
English 123: We did the author quiz and prepared vocabulary and the essential question for the novel.  Be ready to read chapter one in class. Broadcast Journalism 120: We went over the Powerpoint assignment.  Be ready with your subject and camera. Reading Tutor 120: We used the cloze reading technique for fiction works.  it's viewing day tomorrow for a change fo pace ... English Language 11-12 Writing Intervention: We evaluated samples and worked on beginning and closing options.  If it rains, we will work on vocabulary tomorrow ...

Posted: October 5, 2009


Sun, Oct 4/09 9:00 pm
ENGLISH 123: study the author sheet; quiz tomorrow Broadcast Journalism 120: send your blog to mediation; experiment with Photoshop Reading Tutor 120: tutors have your lesson plans done for tomorrow English Language Writing 11-12 Intervention: have your expository piece ready to share  

Posted: October 2, 2009


Thu, Oct 1/09 9:00 pm
English 123: We  submitted STAR quizzes; study for lesson 2B vocabulary. Broadcast Journalism 120: We commented on two blogs. Reading Tutor 120: We took the Learning Style survey in lab 237. English Literacy Writing 11-12 Intervention: We completed paper copies of the expository piece; be ready to type on Monday.

Posted: October 1, 2009


Wed, Sep 30/09 9:00 pm
English 123: Make sure you've read today!  And bring those great books to the library tomorrow. Broadcast Journalism 120: There is an assignment for Thursday and Friday posted in your email. Reading Tutor 120: You wrote about the Chinese Celebration today (minimum: two sentences; maximum: two paragraphs). English Literacy 11-12 Writing Intervention: Make sure your expository "recipe" is 'good to go.'


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