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Posted: November 28, 2014


Sun, Nov 23/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=reading; Tues. =movie; Wed.=responses; Thurs.= storm; Fri.= voc. 1-50 test   Law 12-0: Mon.= lab; Tues.= catch-up/ go over terms ...; Wed.= terms test; Thurs.= storm; Fri.= articles 21, 22   Co-op 12-0: work all week; some student movements ... (Thurs.= storm-day)

Posted: November 18, 2014


Sun, Nov 16/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: READ=Mon.; Tues.-Thurs.=play and movie version (?)   Law 12-0: BLOG= Mon.; Tues.= documentary and p. 2 of chpt. 5 notes; Wed.= terms 6 and thank yous; Thurs.= guest speakers   CO-OP 12-0: WORK AND MARKS AND PICTURES (skilsl checklist coming up so maake sure your pink paper-work is in)

Posted: November 10, 2014


Sun, Nov 9/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon. = READING DAY ii; Wed.= wrap-up work on multi-genre project; Thurs.= share works?; Fri.= test on voc. lesson 5   Law 12-0: Mon.= blog 8 and second last research day; Wed.= terms 5 due; begin notes and reading chpt five; Thursday= finsih notes and reading chpt. 5; Friday = articles 19, 20   Co-op: four-day work week (submit blue logs AND overdue pink ones along with pink package info.); term ii and new skills...  

Posted: November 5, 2014


Sun, Nov 2/14 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.= book review/AR quiz today; Tues.- Thurs.: multi-genre project started; Friday= voc.5 lesson   Law 12-0: Mon.= blog and research (three left); Tues.- Thurs. = UDHR document; Fri.= articles   Co-op 12-0: Mon. = old logs in (AND pink packages), new calendars; working all week, even missing ceremony (go to one on the 11th?)

Posted: October 27, 2014


Sun, Oct 26/14 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.= book report/AR quiz a.s.a. p.; Tues. =chpt. 14 assign. & read 15; Wed.=read 16 & assignments.; Thurs.= read 17 and assign.; Friday= voc. test 4   Law 12-0: blog and research; Tues.= chpt. 4 assign. draft; Wed.= speaker; Thursday= chpt. 4 assign. final; Fri.= articles 15, 16   Co-op: paper-work due ...

Posted: October 21, 2014


Sun, Oct 19/14 9:00 pm
English 12-3:  Mon.=READ IN COMMONS; Tues.= novel to chpt. 13; Wed.= chpt 11,12,13 assign.; Thurs.= novel chpts. reading; Fri.= voc. lesson 4 ***and daily articles 4-6   Law 12-0: Mon.= blog 5 and research schedule; Tues.= documentary; Wed.= guest; Thurs.= FINISH notes 4; Fri.= articles!   Co-op 12-0: Mon.- Friday= employer visits; HAND IN PAPER-WORK (pink package, calendar)

Posted: October 14, 2014


Mon, Oct 13/14 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Tues. =new #3, novel 7; Wed.=news #4, novel 8; Thurs., = news #5, novel 9!; Fri,= voc.3 test ... Law 12-0: Tues. =continue, sction I; do II in class; finish III at home; Wed.= go over III; do IV in class and VI at home? (V to be finished together, later); Thurs.= speaker-day; Fri.= articles 11, 12 Co-op 12-0: four-day work week; bring in the signatures and hours please ...

Posted: October 8, 2014


Sun, Oct 5/14 9:00 pm
English 12-3:Mon.= reading-level assessments and READING in our new chairs; Tues.= assign. 5 April Raintree and read chpt.6 PLUS do assign. 6 over your LONG weekend; Wed.= pow-wow Law 12-0: Mon.= blog 3 and research timetable; Tues. = NOTES for chpt. 4 (and assignment preview); Wed.= pow-wow Co-op 12-0: Mon. = any changes? Tues. = surprise visit!; Wed. = last work day, short week ...

Posted: September 29, 2014


Sun, Sep 28/14 9:00 pm
***Apologies for not staring this post earlier; see me friday at noon with any earlier concerns. English 12-3: Mon.=reading day/ STAR reading level quiz?; Tues.= journal 10 and due; chapter 3 class-novel reading, and finish sheet 3; Wed.= chpt.4; Thurs.= assign. 4; Fri.= voc. lesson 3 Law 12-0: Mon.=blog 3 and research topics; Tues. = guest speaker; Wed.= terms 2,3; Thurs.= video and notes for 2,3; Friday= articles (2) Co-op 12-0: Mon.-Friday =officially week one at work (safety check, resume and letter, logs and signature: all due Mon. in office basket); you'll do fine  

Posted: September 25, 2014


Wed, Sep 24/14 9:00 pm
English 12-3; submit chapter one and two (novel); voc. 2 test on Friday Law 12-0: submit speaker sheet; time-line due Friday (articles in classon Friday) Co-op 12-0: finish safety courses...


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