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Posted: April 2, 2013


Mon, Apr 1/13 9:00 pm
English 123: Tues.=chpt. 5 assign.; Wed.=chpt.6 and assign.; Thurs.=test prep. Law 120: Tues.= plan b/speaker (terms 5=homework); Wed.= survey; proj.4 staeted; Thurs.=project 4 (due at latest upon return) Co-op 120:Tues. interviews and checklists DUEWed.= work hours and EVAL.1Thurs.= visit?? 

Posted: March 26, 2013


Sun, Mar 24/13 9:00 pm
English 12-3:  REPORTS due (no late work/all done in class); Tues.=speaker; Wed.=chpt. 4 asign.; Thurs.=read chpt. 5 Law 12-0: Monday =articles 13, 14; Tues. =notes chpt IV (ii,iii); Wed.=notes iv, v; Thurs.=notes vi; project outline Co-op 120: Mon.= speaker and reflection paperwork; Tues.-Thurs. = work (safety anf interviews SBMITTED)...

Posted: March 18, 2013


Sun, Mar 17/13 9:00 pm
English 12-3:Mon.=finish reading for next week's AR/book review; Tues.=chpt. 3; Wed.=chpt. 3 assign.; Thurs.=  journals due &chpt.4; Fri.=lesson 4D Law 12-0: Mon.=speaker #3; Tues.=current events; Wed.= chtp.4 reading/notes 1-3; Thurs.=chpt. 4 reading/notes 4-6 Fri.= blog 6 and RESEARCH due sooner than you think (e.g. May) Co-op 120: WORK week and practise  interview (safety done last week ...)

Posted: March 13, 2013


Sun, Mar 10/13 9:00 pm
English 123: Mon.=reading day (library); Tues.=presentation; Wed.=chpt. 2; Thurs.=assign.2; Fri.=voc.quiz  Law 120: Mon.=articles 9, 10; Tues.=notes 2,3; terms 2; Wed.= terms 3, video clips on gov.; Thur.= early blogs, research?Fri.=  chpt. 4? Co-op: work week I (all signatures are to be in and safety checklists completed); next: visits and interviews ...  

Posted: February 27, 2013


Sun, Feb 24/13 8:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon. =reading day; Tues.=chpt. i (novel); Wed. =chpt. 1 assign.; Thurs.=novel research; Fri.= voc. 3C Law 12-0: Mon.= articles 7,8; Tues.= chpt. I,ii; Wed.=chpt. 1, iii; Thurs.=chpt. 1 assign.; Fri.= opt. blog/research and/or chpt.1 assign (time-line) Co-op 12-0: Mon.=Seven Habits (2 chpts.); Tues. =welcome to work; Wed.=guidelines at work; Thurs.= safety check at work; Fri.=money management guest   

Posted: February 21, 2013


Sun, Feb 10/13 8:00 pm
**Apologies for the late post. English 123: Mon.=storm; Tues.= reading day and MI; Wed.= storm; Thurs.=novel prel.; Frid.= voca 2B test and movie version of novel Law 120: Mon.=storm; Tues.=current events; Wed.=storm; Thurs.= chpt. 1 reading, notes; Fri.=blogs and research Co-op 120: Mon.=storm; Tues.= meeting; Wed.=storm; Thurs.=portfolios; Frid.= summaries 

Posted: February 11, 2013


Sun, Feb 10/13 8:00 pm
***Now that classes have settle, basic course work will be posted near the beginning of each week ; by the end of the week (Fri, at noon) you will have your chance to catch up in room 213. English 12-3: Mon.= reading day #2 (and STar quizzes); Tues.= journal #2; possessive lesson; Wed. = journals #3;poss. test and correct; Thurs.=movie preview; Friday=voc. 2B and bee Law 12-0: Mon. =speaker #2; Tues.=current events; Wed.= finish text intro. materials; Thursday= terms I; Fri.=blog #2; replies ... Co-op 12-0: Mon.=finish resumes, etc.; module II; Tues.=module II and guest?; Wed.=module II and sub.; Thurs.= safety courses?  Friday =safety videos and ... 

Posted: January 8, 2013


Tue, Jan 8/13 8:00 pm
Law 12-0: Wed.= read/notes 10; Thurs.=exam 'review' /terms 10?; Fri.=guest speakers// Mon.-Wed.= in-class exam; Thursday=buffer; Friday?? Human Services 11-0: Wed.= work on disease-research; Thurs.= share findings; plan observations/submit final projects; Friday= visit?// Mon.- Thursday:observations?; Friday:?? English 12-3: Wed.= poetry readings; Thursday= vocabulary 8H test; Friday: AR/reviews due// Mon.-Wed.= exam review;  Thurs.=lesson 9?; Fri.= ??

Posted: December 21, 2012


Thu, Dec 20/12 8:00 pm
APOLOGIES: even later! Law 120: Mon.=student presentations; Tues.=court-day; Wed.= finish chpt. 9 notes/reading AND terms 10; Thur.= scrapbookingfinished; submit now or a.s.a.p.; Fri.= breakfast/finish law movie Human Services: Mon.=home visit (tea); Tues.=research (diseases...); Wed. =foodbank; Thurs.= finish recycling; Fri.= research? tree? bottles? English 123: Mon.= lesson 8H; Tues.=poet research; Wed.= memorization; Thur.= poem comparisons; Fri.=READING DAY 

Posted: December 13, 2012


Wed, Dec 12/12 8:00 pm
Mon.= strom-day*** Law 12-0: Tues.=notes/reading 9(ii); Wed.=presenations; Thurs.=notes/reading 9(iii...); Friday= current evens 25,26 Human Services; Tues.= recycling and food-drive; Wed.= community visits; Thurs.= food-drive wrap-up (recycling?; Fridayis a research topic on diseses(?) English: Tues. =presenation; Wed.=reading day; Thurs.=poetry unit started; Fiday= poet research


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