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Posted: September 9, 2013


Sun, Sep 8/13 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=vocabulary 1; Tues.= grammmar review; Wed.= grammar evaluation; Thurs.= nouns; Fri.=reading day #1 Human Services 11-0: Mon.= values package; Tues.= Morrie (intro.); Wed.=Morrie continued; Thurs.= response and flower-bed; Fri.= ?? Co-op 12-0: Mon.=finish budget and look at 7 Habits; Tues.-Wed.=module one; Thurs.=buffer; Friday =computers (letter, resume) 

Posted: August 29, 2013


Mon, Sep 2/13 9:00 pm
Welcome back!  Although you might not be assigned books this week, it is an important time when we go over ''the plans."If you're in English 12-3, Human Services 11-0, or Co-operative Education 12-0, I look forward to seeing you "with bells on"!

Posted: May 30, 2013


Sun, May 26/13 9:00 pm
English 123: Mon.= review DUE; Tues.-Thurs.= prose (draft, final, sharing); Fri. = voc. 7G test Law 120: Mon.=scrapbooks DUE; Tues.- Wed.= presentations/research; Thurs.-Fri.= exam review ... Co-op 120: Mon.-Thurs.=final work week; Fri.= grad. meeting and thank yous

Posted: May 23, 2013


Mon, May 20/13 9:00 pm
English 123: Tues.=finish poetry section; Wed.= prose samples (youtube, etc.); brainstrom; Thurs.= drafting; Fri. voc. 7G Law 120:  Tues.= speaker; Wed.= chpt. 9 notes; Thurs.=chpt. 10 notes; Fri.= pres./sharing,part II Co-op 120: Tues -Wed. = work hours ... ;Wed.=skills package (?); Thurs.= grad meeting; Fri.= WORK  

Posted: May 13, 2013


Sun, May 12/13 9:00 pm
Mon. = reviews DUE SOON; Tues. poet research; Wed. and Thurs.= poetry textbook; Fri.=vocab. 6F quiz Law 120: Mon. =articles 23,24 (trip prep); Tues. =court; Wed.= wrap-up; Thurs.= chpt. 10?; Fri.= demonstration Co-op 120: work hours;final  skill checklist delivered ...

Posted: May 8, 2013


Sun, May 5/13 9:00 pm
English 123:  Mon.=some book reports submitted; Tues.= new unit/poetry intro. choices; Wed.=Thurs.= poetry projects; Fri.=voc.6F Law 12-0:  Mon. = articles 23,24; Tues.= complete chpt. six sheets; Wed.=terms; Thurs.=??; Fri.=presentations Co-op: full week of work unless on school trips 

Posted: April 30, 2013


Sun, Apr 28/13 9:00 pm
English 123: reading should be almost wrappped up in library; Tues.-Wed. draft and final essay (started last week) Law 120:  Mon.=art. 21,22; terms test completed; notes continued (due after 'break') Co-op 120: Mon.=reflections (here); Tues. = work(collect anf heads-up); Wed.=work and pep rally

Posted: April 22, 2013


Sun, Apr 21/13 9:00 pm
English 123: Mon.=reading time; Tues.= assign. due (play #2), groups/ play #3; Wed.=play continued; Thurs.=brainstorm, draft essay; Fri.= voc. lesson 5E Law 12-0: Mon.=articleas 19, 20; Tues.= assign. 5 due; chpt. six started; wed.=speaker?; Thursday= terms 1-6 test?; Fri.=blog, RESEARCH time Co-op 120: work hours (submit overdue items?); eval. #2 due next week***

Posted: April 16, 2013


Sun, Apr 14/13 9:00 pm
English 123:  Mon.=reading day (four left); Tues. -Wed.=play #2 reading; Thurs.= play assignment Law 12-0:Mon.=article 18; Tues.= complete chtp 5 notes and doc.; Wed.= speaker; Thurs.= assign. 5 Co-op 120:  WORK hours and evaluations in a.s.a.p.  (interview and safety checklist overdue?)

Posted: April 9, 2013


Sun, Apr 7/13 9:00 pm
English123: Mon.=reading day, second book; Tues.-Thursday= new unit (play #1); Friday-voc. test Law 120: Mon.=articles 15, 16; Tues.- Wed.=notes/reading chpt. 5; Thursday= video clip? Fri.= research ... Co-op=work week; see me with any paperwork ...


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