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Posted: October 2, 2012


Sun, Sep 30/12 9:00 pm
Law:  Mon.=blog and research; Tues.=speaker; Wed.=terms II; Thurs.= terms iii? Friday =articles 7,8 Human Services: Mon. =home visit; Tues. =values package; Wed.-Thurs.= family life cycle project; Fri.= complete last week's research pages English: Mon. =voc. 4D; Tues. =novel research; Wed. =chpt. 1 reading; Thurs.= chpt. I assign.; Frid.= reading day

Posted: September 26, 2012


Sun, Sep 23/12 9:00 pm
Law: Monday=blog and research; Tuesday= finish notes I; Wed.- Thurs.= time-line project; Fri.= articles 5,6 Human Services: Mon. =N.H.visit #1; Tues.= family tree; Wed.=family tree submitted/flower bed finished; Thurs.= research topic;Fri.= RES English :Mon.= lesson 3C; Tues.=novel intro.; Wed.= reading day; Thurs.= movie version; Fri.= quizzes (author and 3C) 

Posted: September 18, 2012


Sun, Sep 16/12 9:00 pm
Law 12-0: Mon.= blog #2 and researching; Tues.= chpt. 1 terms; Wed. -Thurs.= chpt. 1 reading and notes; Fri.= current events again Human Services 11-0: Mon.-Thurs.= picture-book project/flower bed; Fri.=TBA English 12-3: Mon. = voc. 2b; Tues.= plurals; Wed.=reading day #2; Thurs.=possessives; Friday= quizzes (voc.2b,possessives) 

Posted: September 12, 2012


Sun, Sep 9/12 9:00 pm
Law 12-0:  see me at noon on Friday if you've missed any 'start-up' time/assignments.Human Services 11-0: same as aboveEnglish 12-3: see above 

Posted: June 1, 2012


Sun, Jun 3/12 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=test on lesson 8H and exam overview; Tues.=exam-review for novel and prose; Wed. =exam-rev. for 'essay'; Thur.=exam-rev. for plays and poetry; Frid.= questions/buffer .... EXAM IS MON. 9-11/12 (or Tues. if  conflict and you saw teachers)   Law12-0: Mon.=exam review #2; Tues. -Thurs. = exam IN CLASS/no missing; Fri.= buffer-time   Co-op 12-0: Mon.- Wed.= final hours of employment; ALL LOGS, TRAINING PLANS, THANK-YOUs  ..."DUE''; Thurs.=class sub-missions; Fri.= variety show ...  

Posted: May 28, 2012


Sun, May 27/12 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon. lesson 8h; Tues.-Thurs.=prose writing (brainst., draft, final); Fri.= AR due   Law 12-0:  Mon.= articles 27, 28; scrapbook DUE; overdue pres.?; Tues.= overdue pres. reading one page, chpt. 10/notes; Wed.= final speaker; Thurs.= exam review/prep.; Fri.=chpt. ten notes shared; questions   Co-op 12-0: Mon.-Fri.= final hours logged (finished next week --- all paper work but this was was to be in on 25th)

Posted: May 22, 2012


Mon, May 21/12 9:00 pm
English  12-3: Tues. =poetry wrap-up (music lyics); Wed.= voc. 7g test; prose; Thurs.=reading prose; Fri.= lib. day   Law 12-0: Tues. = video on criminals; Wed.=court; Thurs.=pres.; Fri.= track/grand opening?   Co-op 12-0: Tues.- Wed.= hours/paperwork ...;Thurs.= thank-yous, reminders by W.L.; Fri.=speaker, submissions    

Posted: May 14, 2012


Sun, May 13/12 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.= voc. 7F; Tues.-Thurs.=  more poetry (see unit in textbook called 'Memorable Moments); Fri.= reading day (see logs, responses, REVIEWS) Law 12-0: MOn.= articles and Riley's pres.;Tues.-Thurs.=finishh  reading chpt. nine and notes submitted; Fri.= pres. day/students   Co-op 12-0: hours all week/overdue paper-work OR employers work on training plan check-lists  

Posted: May 8, 2012


Sun, May 6/12 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.= voc.6f; memorization; Tues. =poetry reading, projects; Wed.- Thurs.= work on projects; Fri.=reading day   Law 12-0: Mon.= articles, speaker sheets (2); Tues. = chpt. nine begun; Wed.=terms 9; Thurs.=chpt. 9 notes/reading continued; Friday= presentations   Co-op= training plans started ...

Posted: April 30, 2012


Sun, Apr 29/12 9:00 pm
English 12-3: Mon.=lesson 6F ...;Tues.= poetry intro./choices ...;Wed.= poerty assignment   Law 12-0: Mon.=art. 21,21; Tues.=speaker; Wed.=terms chpt. 9 (research time?)   Co-op 12-0: Mon.- Wed.= more work time (90 hours and counting)      


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