Posted: December 4, 2017

Information sessions will take place regarding the Dept. of Education's 10 year plan and what consultation has taken place thus far! Everyone welcome, see attachments for dates and times.

Posted: December 1, 2017

Great school spirit today!  Also congratulations to the Knights who won the first challenge by finding the sceptre in locker with the combination 18-28-18 (one snowman, two snowman, one snowman)

Posted: November 29, 2017

Clue # 1:  Don't be blue, be happy. 
Clue # 2: I'm tall not small so when you find me I may fall. 
Clue #3: Up down in out, 1 & 3  may help you out. 
Clue #4:  1Snowman    2Snowman   1Snowman

Posted: November 28, 2017

See Gallery for more photos. With our 10 year education plan, focus is back on the trades for our students. BLMS 120 took their project out into the community and renovated a shed in Rexton. Mr. Daigle has been doing these types of projects for many years with our students and for a lot of them, it helps them decide if that trade would be be suitable for them. Pictured are two grade 12 students; Bailey Wry and Rhys Robichaud. 

Posted: November 21, 2017

Parent/Teacher is taking place Thursday, November 23rd from 4:30-7pm and again Friday morning the 24th from 9-12pm. There is no school for students on Friday, Nov. 24th. Staff are involved in Professional Learning sessions in the afternoon. 

Posted: November 15, 2017

Deadline for applications is December 8th. See Mrs. Pitre for more information.

Posted: November 15, 2017

Which house will win the first challenge???  What is not blue and makes me happy?

Posted: November 6, 2017

Friday, November 10th is a Professional Learning Day for staff, therefore there are no classes for students. Monday, November 13th all schools are closed in honour of Remembrance Day.

Posted: November 2, 2017

On Halloween we awarded our October-Above and Beyond students their recognition. These students were nominated by a staff member for going above and beyond what is expected of them and for making BLMS a better place. Congratulations to Colin O'Neil, Helina Lomax, Kyle Vautour, Andru Cail, Jeffrey MItton, Sarah Donaher, Hayan (Ryan) Oliveira, Devin Fagan, Tia Augustine, Brittney Richard, Shania Doiron, Dawson Wylie, Janie Augustine.

Posted: November 1, 2017

Schools will be closed on Friday, Nov 10th for students and again on Monday, Nov. 13th for everyone.


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