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Quiz on Monday!! 
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Here are the promised corrections for the test review questions.  Test is tomorrow (Tuesday).

Posted: April 12, 2013

Here are the promised answers for the review questions for the test on chapters 6 & 7.  Test is on Monday.  For the content review page, see the previous note.
As requested, here is the content to be reviewed for the upcoming test on chapters 6 & 7 (Test is on Monday!).
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Attached is the document witht he instructions for the ecological fotoprint webquest.  Thanks for helping me in my quest to reduce paper use!  
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Here is the order for the Env. Sci. Presentations, starting on Wednesday of this week.  If you're still looking for the template, or any associated documents, see the note below this one!  I'm looking forward to each of your presentations!  :) 1.  Morgan2. Samantha3.  Dayna4.  Vanessa5. Olivia6. Dalton7. Paula8. Melissa9. Austin10. Paul11. Tony12. Taylor13. Jamie14. Makayla15. Nelson16. Micky17. Zita18. Natasha
Here are the documents relevant to the current issues research: The first is the original sheet you received in clas with basic instructions and suggested research points.The second is the power point template as we reviewed in class.The third is the rubric by which you will be marked for this project. Happy research! 

Posted: February 6, 2013

I'm sorry - I forgot to upload these yesterday.  Hopefully you believe in "better late than never!"If there isn't a new lesson for your course, it's that we continued working on the lesson I already uploaded yesterday.  I may have uploaded some worksheets for your course, though, so take a look at the list of atteachements below.If you have any questions about the material, my next extra help period is Friday at lunch.

Posted: February 4, 2013

As per popular demand, here is a copy of each of my lessons for Monday, February 4th for the students who missed classes due to the SEVEC activities.   In some cases, we had already covered part of the lesson in class, in others we have not yet finished the lesson.  Watch the site tomorrow for updates on what we get done in class then. Hope you're having a great time - See you back in class on Wednesday morning.
Course Syllabus
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