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Here is the video link for National Geographic's "The Human Footprint". Watch all 10 clips and respond to the following questions:  Video Response 1.  Were the visuals used in this documentary effective?  Were they necessary?  Why? 2.  Name 3 things that stood out and/or were memorable for you. 3.  Name 3 items (resources) that were not covered in this video. 4.  Do you think the numbers and statistics presented in this video accurately represent the average Canadian consumer?       (Were they maybe exaggerated by the producers, or underestimated?) 5.  a)  Name at least one resource you feel was lower than your personal use. b) Name at least one resource you feel was higher than your personal use.  

Posted: October 23, 2013

Here are the notes for chapter 4, as well as the review for the test. The test is on Friday. 
Here are the noets for chapter 3.  There will be an in-class assignment on this material today.  Those who do not finish in class, or who will be absent for the Env. Sci. field trip should plan to have this completed and handed in by Tuesday. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week-end!  
I've attached the notes for chapter 2, including the lesson on the steps of meiosis (with pictures!).
I've attached the Power Point template to be used for your issues presentations.   If you don't have Power point at home, I suggest teh following steps:-  Print the template so you have the instructions contained within- download "Open Office" - a free software program available online to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations aids.  you can use the presentation aid as needed. Alternately - you can plan to do all your work while at school (in class and at lunch in the library), or use Notebook software if you have it. I've also attached the rubric by which the presentation will be graded.     Happy researching everyone!  I look forward to your presentations!
Here are the response questions for the Biosphere 2 case study.  The video link for Jane Poynter's TedTalk can be found below in the next note. Case Study Questions1.  In your own words, explain the purpose of the Biospere 2 project.2.  Name at least 5 specific problems that occured in this experiment.3.  Was this system self-sufficient or was outside help necessary?  Why?4.  In your opinion, what important lesson can be learned fromt his project?5.  If you could ask Jane Poynter one questions about her experience in Biosphere 2, what would you ask her?  
For those of you who have not been present in class, here are the link for the videos we watched.  Each requires a video response, so make sure you get those questions from me, respond and hand them in. Story of Stuff:   click on "movies", then "story of stuff" Biosphere 2 Project:  TedTalk with Jane Poynter, Biospheran: the link gives you troube, you can go to Youtube, and type in:  Jane Poynter TedTalk - Life in Biosphere 2.Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come in for extra help.

Posted: September 17, 2013

Here are the notes for chapter 1, as used in class.  They open in ADOBE, and read right to left, then top to bottom. Quiz on Chapter 1 is on Thursday, and the Mitosis lab report is due on Friday. Don't forget to come in for extra help if you need to!

Posted: September 17, 2013

Welcome to all my students, new and returning.  Below you'll find my teaching schedule, as well as the days during which I offer extra help. Period 1:  Relation Numeriques et Fonctions 10Period 2:  Biology 112Period 4:  Introduction to Environmental Science 120Period 5:  Biology 122 Extra help is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch.  Please let know if you are coming.


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