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Posted: April 15, 2014

For the potluck Saturday at 7: No NUTS, coconut or kiwi Let's keep it green - bring your own reusable dishes for eating You will get an updated itinerary as well as directions to the sweat then Victoria students should be arriving around 7:30 and I am sure they will be hungry so let's have everything ready to go Bring team building ideas if we have time...

Posted: April 3, 2014

Rexton-Victoria SEVEC hosting itinerary 2014   Location Activity Survival gear Parents Sat, April 19 Rexton – BLMS School bus for Victoria students only ·      Family potluck Food to share Arrive with family at 7 pm to set-up (meal at 7:30) Need one or two parents to go to the airport with a truck or van Sun, April 20 Home ·      Family day Chocolate Plan to share your family traditions for Easter with your guest Mon, April 21 Ste. Marie, Rexton and Elsipogtog Coach bus ·      Sugar camp with meal (historical and cultural interpretation) ·      participate in sweat in Elsipogtog Comfortable warm clothes Girls need long skirt for the sweat Drop off at school time TBA Pick up in Elsipogtog time and directions TBA Tues, April 22 Rexton Regular school bus to and from school ·      Go to classes with twins, watch traditional dancing at lunch ·      Track practice ·      Bengals’ Night Out at 7pm Lunch or lunch money Track clothes and shoes Drive and stay to watch the music (if you wish) from 7-9 pm Wed, April 23 Fredericton School bus to school Coach bus ·      Mactaquac dam ·      Beaverbrook art gallery ·      Shopping ·      Choice of activity ·      Track practice Packed lunch Warm clothes Swim suit Money for supper/movie Day off Thurs, April 24 Bay of Fundy and Moncton Coach bus ·      Hike, wagon ride, lunch and team building at Broadleaf Ranch ·      Walk on ocean floor ·      Interpretive tour of “Flower Pots” ·      Shopping and/or movies Money for supper Warm athletic clothes Swim suit Shoes that can get dirty   Day off Fri, April 25 Moncton and Rexton Coach bus Regular school bus home ·      Sportsdome ·      Dance Money for lunch Athletic clothes Dancing shoes Drive to and from dance 8-11pm Sat, April 26 Moncton Coach bus ·      Moncton market shopping ·      Track meet at 11am Athletic wear Drive to BLMS for 8 am pick up at 4. Sun, April 27 To Airport School bus for Victoria students only ·      Free morning   Drive to school for 12:45pm Need one or two parents to go to the airport with a truck or van  

Posted: February 12, 2014

With the bad weather predicted for Friday we were left with a choice of cancelling the trip or getting to Moncton before the storm which is expected to begin Thursday evening.  Otherwise, if we wait and school is cancelled on Friday we will not be allowed to drive that evening.  It is also not permitted to drive from 12-6am in the morning to get us to the airport for Saturday morning.  The superintendant and the Transportation manager have recommended in order to ensure our safety and the safety of the bus driver we will now be leaving Thursday at noon and we will stay at the airport hotel in Moncton for Thursday and Friday night.  It is not an option to travel on your own to Moncton in the bad weather. There is a Tim’s near the hotel and students can order in Thursday evening and Friday.  Students should pack food and snacks as there will still be little time on our travel day for getting food from restaurants.  . There is a hot complimentary breakfast provided both days (starting at 3 a.m.). We understand that this is a disruption for everyone, but we have a fabulous team working on our behalf: the district has rescheduled the bus, SEVEC is paying for the two nights at the hotel, and the chaperones are making arrangements to have their courses covered and leave their families early.  The hotel has even agreed to provide us a room for team building and streaming the Olympics J!  If you have any questions you can call or text Mrs. Halas Moulton at 506 521 4809.  

Posted: February 2, 2014

Important points:Baggage:  Carry-on Suitcase Pack breakfast and lunch – no time for restaurants during stop-overs and they only accept credit card to purchase (over-priced) food  on plane Government issued ID Ear bud headphones recommended A change of clothes – just in case NO liquids or gels Nothing sharp (i.e. scissors, nail file) Entertainment for 7 hours on a plane (like homework…) Only one Max. weight per bag: 23kg (50lb) Max. linear dimensions per bag: 158 cm (62in) Max weight Save room for brining home souvenirs Place your clothes for fly-day on top ready to go without unpacking everything The weather there is near freezing and wet. Use SEVEC ID tagBathingsuit, athletic clothes and runnersSome people choose to bring a small gift for their host family   Other pointsLeaving at 7:30 pm on the 14th from the school and everyone is to get on thereNo one is going out in Moncton – we are going to the hotel and pretty much going to bedWhen it comes to your twins be respectful, deal with problems before they become an issue with the person involved, and come talk to us if you need it.  Be careful of negativity – about others and about the trip – everyone deserves to have a good time and the people around you are doing their best.   

Posted: January 24, 2014

I know your twins you can text, email or message me for your twin's name.  Check the handouts for my contact info. Mrs. Halas Moulton

Posted: January 16, 2014

The trip dates have been confirmed for February 14-22! Feb 14 Bus to Holiday Inn Express in Moncton  time TBA Feb 15 Moncton – Toronto  - AC 893 05:25-07:09 (Flight time 2:44) Toronto – Vancouver – AC 893 08:00- 10:07 (Flight time 5:07) Vancouver – Victoria – AC 8063 11:00-11:25 (Flight time 00:25) Feb 22 Victoria to Toronto – AC190 06:30-14:07 (Flight time 4:37) Toronto to Moncton – AC8938 15:10-18:25 (Flight time 2:15) We try to pair twins next week.  The school in Victoria is bringing their track team.See below for travel insurance and pay by Monday. 

Posted: January 14, 2014

If you are interested in travel insurance  Reliable Life Insurance Company is pleased to provide your Students booking with Uniglobe Premiere Travel Group our TIPS Youth Travel Insurance. The following is a summary of coverage provided under our Premier Package Plan: Emergency Medical                                        $1,000,000           Repatriation of Remains                        $10,000Emergency Medical Evacuation                      $1,000,000           Baggage and Personal Effects                    $800Accidental Dental                                            $1,000,000           Limit per Item                                           $300       Accomodation and Meals                                $450                   Baggage Delay                                          $100Trip Cancellation                                             Up to $5,000       Lost or Stolen Passport/Travel Visa           $500Trip Interruption                                              Up to $5,000       Lost or Stolen Travel Tickets                       $250Supplier Bankruptcy/Default                            Included              Airflight Accident                                      $25,000       Act of Terrorism                                               Included              24 Hr. Worldwide Assitance                     IncludedTrip Delay                                                           $1,500  The Cost per student  for this coverage is $ 39.20.  If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance please pay Mrs. Woodburn by Januray 20th.

Posted: January 14, 2014

There have been a lot of changes since we last met.  Unfortunately, the school in Swift Current was not able to get enough students for the exchange and after a lot of background work on the part of SEVEC we were able to be re-twinned with Lambrick Park Secondary School in Victoria, B.C.  The dates are similar to, but not exactly, what we had agreed on before.  We will be traveling to Victoria February 15-22, and they will be visiting us April 19-26.  Students will still be missing a total of seven days of class.  Please note, we will hosting over Easter weekend with a family day scheduled on Easter. Our numbers of twins are almost perfectly matched as they have 32 and we have 29; but the ratios are not the same, as we have 23 girls and 6 boys and they have 14 girls and 18 boys.  This means that despite our best efforts to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable with their twins, there are going to be a lot of boy-girl twins and three students will need to host an extra twin. We understand that there are a lot of changes that may not be ideal for some families.  If the changes do not work, and you would like to pull out of the exchange, we will try to find a replacement.  Because the exchange is coming up quickly, we would need to know by January 14th.  If we can find a replacement your deposit can be returned to you.  To do list Rules to remember Get government issued identification Payoff remaining balance ($350) by January 31st Establish contact with twins once they are available and inform hosting families of any allergies, or special considerations Pack no more than one suitcase – pack for layers and rain (average February temperatures of 9OC) Make arrangements to have a peer take notes for you in all your classes and to catch up on all assignments Maintain good attendance, good behaviour and good grades Be respectful (online as well!) Be open to new experiences Be positive– not everything will be perfect but everything is a learning experience – No complaining! Make an effort to help others to enjoy their trip Communicate clearly – if something is bothering you work to solve your problems No driving for student participants (including ATV’s, boats, etc.) Students who do not respect the code of behaviour could be sent home at your expense   If you have any questions, please contact the school 535-7160 or by email  You can also call or text 506-521-4809 before or during the trip with any questions or concerns (I have unlimited calling so please feel free). 

Posted: December 19, 2013

We have been officialy twinned a school in Victoria, BC.  We are trying to work out some dates.  I will keep you posted here on this page. Mrs. HM

Posted: November 8, 2013

See the attached pdf file for all the information from the Parent presentation.  Reminder that the paperwork is due November 22 and the last $350 will be due sometime in the new year.  Though it can be paid in advance.With any questions call the school at 523-7160 or email
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