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English Language Arts 10 

Ms. Hare 

Room 202

Course Content:

The grade 10 English Language Arts course is a full-year course divided into two semesters. The focus of this course is on improving students reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.


In our reading program students will engage in independent and shared reading during class. Students will read a variety of texts including short stories, articles, a play, and a novel. It is also expected that students will read at home. Students will be required to read 4 independent novels throughout the year, completing reading responses throughout and a book talk at the end. 


In our writing program students will work on a writer’s notebook on the days they are in class. Writer’s notebooks are an opportunity for students to write freely and to work on grammar, writing techniques, and the writing process. Students will also be required to complete a variety of writing pieces throughout the year. 


Students will have the opportunity to improve their speaking and listening skills as well. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and students will be encouraged to participate. Writing pieces, oral assignments, and book talks will also be presented to peers throughout the year. 


Course Outline: 

Semester 1:

Unit 1 – Short Stories

Unit 2 – Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet


Semester 2:

Unit 3 - Poetry 

Unit 4 – Researching, Writing, Presenting 

Unit 5 - Novel Study


Required Materials: 

1 binder 

1 notebook

Writing instrument 

Loose Leaf

Independent Novel


Marking Scheme: 

Reading and Viewing - 40%

Writing and Responding - 30%

Speaking and Listening - 30%


There will be two major evaluations during the year, an exam or assessment in January and an end of year multi-genre project. 


Absenteeism and marks: 

A legitimate absence is for school related activities, illness or bereavement.   


Group marks:

Group marks will be earned based on your days ‘present’ and working with your team.  For example, if a project takes ten class days to complete and the group receives a mark of 80%; but you were only there for 5 days you would receive a 40%.  Even if you have a legitimate reason for being absent the expectation is that you will make up for the time you missed by contributing to the group from home or working during study block when you are able.  Alternatively, if you know you are going to be absent you may choose to work alone if the teacher gives you that option. 


In-class project marks:

You will be marked based on the number of days that you are present and participating in class.  If, for example, you earn a shop mark of 70% and you were there 90% of the time your mark would be 63%. 


Late assignment policy: 

  • To get full marks, assignments need to be handed in by the assigned due date. 

  • For every date late, after the assignment due date, 10% will be deducted from the mark (up to a maximum of 40%).  Weekends count as one day. 

  • If a student is absent on a due date, a written legitimate excuse from a parent or guardian must be presented upon the student’s return, or the late-day deductions will apply. 

  • A student’s mark cannot be lower than 60% given that the student deserves a passing grade on the assignment to begin with.  Any work getting a mark of less than 60% will receive that grade. 

  • In order to be graded, all work must be handed in no later than one week after the given due date of the assignment.  Term marks are final. 


Extra Help:

If at any time a student is having difficulty in the course, extra help is available upon the student’s request. 

A team has been created to allow students (during their home days) to have access to an English teacher for all questions they may have concerning their daily work. Any students enrolled in an English course are encouraged to join the team in order to have access to a teacher when doing work/assignments at home. This team will be operational daily during Period 3.

Online Help on Teams:

Who: Mr. Beers

What: Help for all English students in the building daily.

When: Period 3

What: Questions, clarity, instruction etc……

Why: Give students working from home an opportunity to access English help everyday they are not in the building.

Where: - Teams - Join Team - Team Code: rqwh32u


*The course outline is subject to change*


I look forward to working with you all this year! 


Ms. Hare 






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