Semester 1 Period 5 Mi'kmaq Language Course Outline

Posted: September 8, 2021

Bonar Law Memorial High School

Introductory Mi’kmaq Language 10

Semester 1, Period 5 

Ms. Katrina Clair,

Room 202  


Course Description:

Students will complete 5-7 modules of the provincial introductory Mi’kmaq language course.  Some modules include greetings, family members, likes/dislikes, colours (animate and inanimate/singular plural) and weather.  For assessment, students will be expected to speak Mi’kmaq, complete quizzes and create posters or PowerPoints with audio recordings. Written language will be delivered in the Smith-Francis orthography.

Required Materials:

Pencils, commitment to speak Mi’kmaq and language notebook. 


Speaking and Listening                              50%

Daily Assignments                                           20%

Products                                                               30%



BLMS late assignment policy:

-    To get full marks, assignments need to be handed in by the assigned due date.

-    For every date late, after the assignment due date, 10% will be deducted from the mark (up to a maximum of 40%).  Weekends count as one day.

-    If a student is absent on a due date, a written excuse from a parent or guardian must be presented upon the student’s return, or the late-day deductions will apply.

-    A student’s mark cannot be lower than 60% given that the student deserves a passing grade on the assignment to begin with.  Any work getting a mark of less than 60% will receive that grade.

-    In order to be graded, all work must be handed in no later than 1 week after the given due date of the assignment.  Term marks are final.