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Posted: December 14, 2009

English 9 (Romeo & Juliet)Act II Quiz this Wednesday.

Posted: December 14, 2009

English 10 (Julius Caesar)Act II quiz this Wednesday.  

Posted: December 10, 2009

Act I & Act II will be completed by the end of the week.  If any students need help be sure to see me at lunch hour or after school   Note: Act II Quiz next week   Any student that needs to re-write the Act I Quiz must do so before the Christmas break.    

Posted: December 10, 2009

Students should have Act I and Act II questions finished for next week.  We will begin Act III next week. If any students are having trouble be sure to come in at lunch hour or after school.   Act II Quiz: Next week. Note: Act I Quiz re-writes must be completed next week.

Posted: November 25, 2009

Students are expected to review their notes on Elements of a Shakespearean Tragedy, Tragic Hero, Act Analysis, Shakespearean Terms and Character List.  If students have missed time this week they can obtain a copy of the notes from me during lunch hour or at break.    

Posted: November 25, 2009

Student are expected to review their notes on Shakespearean Tragedy and Elements of a Shakespearean Play.  Students can see me at lunch or during break to get a paper copy of the notes they have missed.

Posted: November 18, 2009

Short Story Unit Test re-writes must be completed within the next 1-2 weeks. (Students that scored a 59% or below, can re-write their test in order to achieve a passing grade.)   Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday (second half), Thursday, Friday at lunch hour. 

Posted: November 9, 2009

This is the second of a series of Ken Follett's books set in the town of Kingsbridge.  This epic novel takes you through the trials and tribulations of a nurse, a builder, a knight and many other dynamic characters.   I highly recommend this fantastic book to any students or teachers looking for a...
Students should have the following assignments completed by Friday, November 13th.All six journal entries.Student choice short story.Short story summary comic strip.Study for short story unit test on Monday (Nov 16th)

Posted: November 3, 2009

Students should begin the short story brainstorming process.  In class today, we started to work through the student created short story writing process.  Students are expected to hand in a short story next week and will be allotted time in class to work through the process.  If you are not in class, the writing should begin at home.   Journal Entries must be completed and up to date. (Last Entry: The Drunkard)


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