World Issues 120 -Assignment 3 and 4

Posted: September 28, 2017

  • Day 1 – Students are to discuss the prejudice questions provided.  Then they are to provide a one page answer to one or more question of their choice from the ones provided.  Opinions need context.  They must defend their opinions with concrete evidence.
  • Day 2 – Do a one day research on one country of their choice but it cannot be a first world country and it cannot be one that they know anything about before today.  The must make a one page poster to hang on the wall (it can be done by hand or on a computer and printed).  They must include the following information: What cultures live there?  What language is spoken?  What is the economy based on? Who colonised that country in the past? What are the major issues facing that country today? Something interesting that you learned about that country.