Digital Productions 120 - Web design

Posted: November 28, 2016

  1. Reflection - Watch the video on filter bubbles and express your opinion about the topic. Do you see examples of filters on your Facebook, Youtube, Google? Give examples.  How does this change you perception of the world?  What advantages and disadvantages do you see to filter bubbles?  Consider his examples of his friends searching Egypt.  What can you guess about the type of people those two guys are? How are tailored results going to change their perception of the world?      Also think about the Think before you Share video - does this happen often?  Do you often do fact checking?  Always write using a beginning and end.  Don’t leave us hanging – sum it up and SPELL check.   150 words

(link is external

 2.  Web design unit (you have one week!) (A) Create a webpage = Weebly or Wordpress or

(link is external) create a fanpage/business website inluding pictures, links and text - a minimum of three pages(B) Code academy is external) - 2% for each page completed - yes you can get bonus marks - MUST BE an INDEPENDANT searcher/worker(link is external)


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