Graphic Arts 110 - #25 FINAL PROJECT

Posted: May 27, 2013

Our very last assignment – project will be creating a Brochure about “Your Favorite Class at BLMS”. You will need to use Microsoft Publisher program on our computers. Select Brochures and 3 panel style is the one we want!!You will need to take a picture of the teacher and of the classroom!! Need to have at least four pictures!! To be taken during break time or at lunch time; shouldn't need to be walking around hallways and disturbing teachers during class time.You will need to explain why this teacher is so awesome – why it’s your favorite class!!! Reasons need to be respectful and positive!! Don’t list why it’s better than other classes and teachers!!! Your pictures can help prove, support and help explain why it’s your favorite class!!You may have to crop or edit your pictures so your object is centered or picture focusing in on something special!!****Bonus marks for any video production of yourself or fellow classmates explaining your favorite teacher and subject. (10%)****  This assignment will be due next Wednesday, June 5th, 2013.
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