Bus list

Posted: November 4, 2009

The following students have a place on the bus to get to the provincial TADD conference in St.John, N.B.  November 13th and 14th (We need to pack as light as possible as we are going to be squished and everything you bring is going on your lap!!): Nina S. Keisha S. Tiffany B. Olivia B. Clarissa-Jo A. Cindy A. Nicole K.E. Marsha M. Holly S. Kathryn C. Paige H. Travis D. Jared D. Vanessa S. Natasha D. Jordan Y. Melissa R. Samantha Y. Mary F. Those students who wish to attend (Melissa-Jo, Lea, A.J., and Tyrone) are encouraged to ask a parent to drive them to the conference.  Students are not allowed to drive themselves and since this event is after November 1st, anyone transporting students must have snowtires on their car.   Looking forward to a great weekend!  Think 70's!