Internet Scavenger Hunt

Posted: September 9, 2015

Internet Scavenger Hunt1.       1.Visit  Find an article about Queen Elizabeth.a.       What is special about today for her?b.      How long has she reigned?2.       2. Staying with the CBC, visit a.       What team did Canada beat to advance to the 4th round of the World Cup?b.      What was the score of the Canada-Mexico game last night?3.       3. Visit 3 editors from the Huffington Post Canada were trying to consume less than $1.75 per day in food and drink.a.       How many days did they do this for?b.      What foods did they eat?4.     Visit     What was Andrew R. Wetmore?b.    What is his father’s claim to fame?5.     When did Bill Gates graduate from university?b.    Who did he start Microsoft with?6.       6. This website is about Canadian inventions:       Who invented the snowmobile? In what year?b.      What two inventions do babies use?c.       Why was the instant replay invented?d.      Choose 4 other inventions that you find interesting, tell me who invented them, and what year they were invented (if stated).7.       7. Visit       Why would someone sign up for indigogo? (You could put your own suggestions here)b.      Find two ideas that you would consider funding, and two that you definitely would not.8.       8. Go to       What is dyslexie? (Not to be confused with dyslexia!)b.      What makes it different from other fonts?9.       9. What are three things that you can do to keep yourself safe on Kijiji? (make sure to write in your own words, no copying and pasting!) 10.   10.For fun, check this out: How many do you recognize?  (This was done in 2010, so some of the staff members on this page no longer work here, but you should be able to spot a few!!)