Science 9 - Chapter 7 & 8 Test Review

Posted: October 19, 2010

Chapter 7 & 8 Review Vocabulary - Ch 7Anther, egg, external fertilization, hermaphrodite, hormone, internal fertilization, meiosis, ovary, oviduct, ovulation, pistil, pollen, sperm, stamen, testis, uterus Questions1.  What is hermaphroditic reproduction?2.  Why is meiosis important?3.  Many plants are hermaphrodites.  Explain.4.  How is a fruit formed?5.  What features of the sperm cell make it well suited for movement?6.  Where does fertilization happen?7.  What causes nondisjunction? Vocabulary - Ch 8conception, embryo, parturition, placenta, trimester, umbilical cord Questions1.  Describe one type of fertility treatment2.  What happens during each trimester?3.  What happens during each stage of labour?4.  Why would oxytocin be given to an overdue woman?