ELPA - Writing Prompts

Posted: January 14, 2011

It's important to spend time at home preparing yourself for the ELPA next Thursday (20th) and Friday (21st).  You need to practice, practice, practice!  Below I have provided you with various writing ideas.  My suggestion to you, is to time yourself (try to keep to 60 minutes) and take yourself through the writing process (prewriting {outline}, draft copy, proof reading/revision, final copy).  This will be what you'll do on the ELPA!   Persuasive Prompt: Decide whether students should or should not be allowed to use personal electronic devices in the classroom.  Explain and support your opinion with facts and details.   Narrative Prompt: Write a fictional story about travelling to a magical place.  Be descriptive.   Memoir: Recount your favorite memory with your best friend.   Good Luck :)