Sports fees - an explanation

Posted: December 3, 2020

As the Athletic Director at BLMS Mr. Woodburn wants to address a growing trend of students paying their athletic fees very late (i.e. after the season is finished) or not paying their fees at all. Like most issues it started small with only a few students having to be reminded to pay their fee but, every year he is forced to constantly speak to more and more students about not paying. This is upsetting because it is not fair to the students who pay their fees. It is also not fair to our school which offers extra-curricular programs at the lowest possible cost. We hope that by shedding some light on what the fees cover, students will be more sympathetic, and this issue will go away.

Here is a breakdown of where the money is used and an example:

1. NBIAA insurance (per athlete)

Baseball $12

Golf $8

Soccer $15

Softball $12

Basketball $12

Wrestling $15

Volleyball $12

Rugby $15

Track & Field $15


2. Officials per game (does not include travel fees)

Baseball $40 (x2)

Soccer $50

Softball $40 (x2)

Basketball $45 (x2)

Wrestling $20 per tournament

Volleyball $45 (x2)

Rugby (tournament entry fees vary)

Track & Field $40 per athlete


3. Travel for away games

Teams must reimburse the cost of fuel (approx. $70) for every away game if the bus is used.

Hotel costs for drivers and coaches is also covered if staying overnight.

Track & Field must cover the cost of a big bus when traveling to Regionals and/or Provincials.


Example: Boys Basketball 2021

Insurance: 12 players @ 12/player = $144

Home games: 4 x $90 = $360 (More if officials from Moncton need to be used)

Away games: 4 x $70 = 280

Total: $784

Basketball fees: 12 x $50 = $600


**As you can see, the team will run a deficit for the 2021 season and will have to use money from last season. This scenario does not include the team making playoffs. Of course if the number of games changes we will reduce the fee.**