Grade 10 provincial assessment

Posted: May 1, 2018

What is included in the Grade 10 Provincial Assessment? Students are assessed in: 1. Reading;  Post Intensive French (PIF) OR  French Immersion (FI) 2. Math; 3. Science. The Math and Science sections of the booklets are available in English and French. Each booklet also includes a short student survey. Students are given 60-120 minutes to complete the assessment in each subject. The assessment questions for each subject are divided among four different booklets. The four booklets form the full assessment. Each student randomly receives only one of the four booklets and therefore completes only 25% of the total available questions. How is the assessment completed and marked? Students record their answers to the multiple choice questions in their booklets and these are marked electronically. There are also questions that require written responses from students and these are marked by New Brunswick educators.