Bengals meet the Mighty Max

Posted: June 15, 2021

Today it was our honor to meet the Mighty Max and let him know that he is holding a special place in the hearts of both students and staff at Bonar Law! Max along with his Mom, Julie-Ann Robichaud made a stop in the parking lot to meet our wonderful Leadership 120 students and Ms. Hudson so they could present to him all the wonderful treats and surprises they had. Thanks to EB Games for finding a PS5, to the students and staff who purchased Dilly Bars and Freezies, to the golfers and everyone who made a donation and participated in the walk/wellness day. We declared Max an honorary Bengal and invited him to come back any time he was looking for a friendly face! Max has touched the lives of many at such a young age and I couldn't have been more proud of the students who took it upon themselves to bring a little joy to a very deserving young man. We wish Max all the best in his recovery and hope he enjoys all the wonderful surprises in his basket of goodies. You got this MAX!