Back to school - scheduling, supplies, masks, school access and sick students

Posted: August 25, 2020

We hope everyone is well and making the best of current circumstances. We’ve been thinking about, and planning for, our students all summer. We have a lot of information to share with you throughout the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook page (Bonar Law Memorial School) or here for updates. Note that per EECD, we will not release the full operational plan until September 3rd.


1.     Scheduling:

a.     We are dividing our student body intp 2 groups (Group A and Group B). These groups will attend school on a rotational bases (every other day). On their days at home, students will be given homework to complete for the next day of in-class study.  Group A will be made up of all our students with last names A through K and Group B will be made up of all students with last names L through Z. 

b.     During the first week of school, the schedule will look different, as the Department of Education has asked us to stagger the entry for our students, so that we can take the time needed to familiarize them with the new health and safety protocols. The first week’s schedule is as follows:


September 8th

September 9th

September 10th

September 11th

Grade 9, Group A (Last names A-K)

Grade 9, Group B (Last names L-Z)

All Students Group A (Last names A-K)

All Students Group B (Last names L-Z)


c.     Beginning Monday, September 14th, our regular rotational schedule will start with Group A. 



2.     Materials. We posted the school supply list earlier in the summer, but we would like you to take note of the following additions:

  • Clean community mask (each day)
  • Reusable water bottle (we will have filling stations throughout the school- fountains will not be operational)
  • Box of Kleenex (to be given to homeroom teacher)
  • Travel sized hand sanitizer is optional (we will supply lots of sanitizer throughout the school)


3.     Masks:

  • Each day your child needs to bring a clean community mask, that has to been worn everywhere outside of the classrooms. 
  • We will have limited supplies for students in case they forget from time-to-time. If students come regularly without a mask, this will be treated as a disciplinary issue and parents will be contacted. If the issue persists, students will be asked to stay home. 

4.    School Access:

  •  Only school staff and students will be permitted into the school without an appointment. For parents and guardians, this means no walk-in appointments for any reason, no money drop-offs or lunch drop-offs (please send your students with their lunch or lunch money), etc. Parents and guardians must phone the school for an appointment- phone meetings will be encouraged as much as possible.
  • Parents and students are asked to reserve appointments for offsite school days, as student onsite days are drastically reduced this year. It will be extremely necessary for students to be here on in-school days, as one missed onsite day actually results in 3 days away from school. We understand that sometimes appointments, especially specialist appointments, are tricky to schedule, so if you need to pick up your child, the process will be as follows: *Parents will come to the front doors and press the call button on the grey security system to speak with our administrative assistant (calling in will not work as Judy will need to see you on the camera). She will call your child from class and have he/she meet you in the parking lot. Judy will ask for the reason your child is leaving and she will sign him/her out for you. Please note that if you send someone who is not on your child’s pick-up list, that your child will not be permitted to leave (this has always been the case) for security reasons.
  • September school opening is being referred to as a ‘soft opening’ and this means that outside groups that often come into our schools, such as photographers, theatre groups, guest speakers, will not be permitted into schools for the month. This will be reviewed at the end of September and changes made when deemed safe by school district officials.

 5.   Sick students:

  •  If your child appears ill at school, parents and guardians will be contacted and have 1     hour to pick up their child according to the Return to School document released by EECD. In the meantime, we have two isolation rooms (supervised), situated within the school, where sick students will wait for pick-up. They will be asked to wear their mask until you arrive. You will come through the main doors and press the button on the grey security system to let us know you are here and then your child will be escorted outside. More information on what to do if your child is ill will be released in the coming weeks as per Public Health. 
  • For your peace-of-mind, the same process will apply to staff.