Artist in Residency Grant brings Phil Boudreau and the Big Bad Party Band to BLMS

Posted: March 23, 2017

Artist in Residency Grant at Bonar Law Memorial welcomes Phil Boudreau

 From the Big Bad Party Band!

It was with great excitement our school was granted the funding to have an Artist in Residency at BLMS! This grant opened up so many possibilities within our school to bring some new/fresh experiences to so many of our students through Music! Phil Boudreau was instrumental in providing a once in a lifetime opportunity and to share his life experience.

 It began with him working with our Grade 9 and 10 students, presenting the Soundtrack of his Life.  He then presented to the same group on his experiences as a full-time musician, the recording industry, and his need for persistence/perseverance in this competitive world. Through this conversation, he shared some of his original pieces along with the creating process that goes along with it. He ended his time with the Grade 9 and 10 students by asking them to write their own lyric on a piece of paper.  Their topic was “when I was young I used to…”  These lyrics would later be used by the Grade 11 and 12 music students to write an original composition.


The rest of the residency was spent with selected 11 and 12 students who expressed an interest in taking part in composing an original composition to be performed in front of the school.  Throughout this incredible process, the students collaborated with Phil to create a song titled “Built on Tender Hearts”.  This will be recorded live at his studio!


 The school-wide performance seen Phil bring the whole band “The Big Bad Party Band” with him to perform a concert for the entire student body.  When preparing for the final show I reminded Phil that for some students this would be their only ‘concert’ they would every get to experience.  So they made it an ‘extra special one’!  This is when “Built on Tender Hearts” made its debut!  The students who created and performed the piece could not be more proud!

Many thanks to Tourism, Heritage and Culture in partnership with the
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for providing the grant!


The students will go on to perform this song as our final piece for the community during their music nights – Bengals’ Night Out. Tickets are on sale by calling 523-7160. This years' show will run from April 11th-13th from 7-9pm.  What a perfect way to kick off your Easter weekend!


Tickets are on sale now - $8 for adults; $5 for those 12 and under.  All three nights sold out last time, so do not wait until the last minute!