Done for another year

Posted: February 24, 2012

The season is done and we had a good run.  We finished league play with a 6-6 record and 4th in the NorthEast conference.  This allowed us to travel to St. Stephen to play in the Provincial Sectionals.  It was a fun season and I look forward to next year.  remember there are many Basketball Camps across the province.  I hope to have more information out later.I want to thank the boys for all their hard work, dedication and committment over the past 4 months.  I also want to thank Mike McNaughton for all the time and work he put into the team over the past 2 years.  He will be missed next year.  I also want to thank Cheryl Warman for all the "behind the scene" work she did for us.  The canteen and cash box were always ready and you were always available to help.The Alumni Game was great.  The "Old Guys" beat the Boys 80-73 and the evening was one to remember.  I want to thank all the past players for coming out and supporting the current team.  It's always good to have the past and present come together for one night of basketball.To the grads Tyler Young, Dalton Thompson, Corey Lawson, Will McNaughton, Andy Lui, Brandon Arsenault & Jack Hawkins, thank you for contributing to basketball over the years.  It was a privilege to coach you and I wish you all the best and hope you never forget the times you had while playing basketball.  You represented your school, your coach and yourselves well, setting the example for future players.Lastly, I want to thank my wife for putting up with me coaching a sport that takes up 5 months of my life.  Coach Woodburn