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Posted: February 2, 2015

For Homework:  Visit the neave planetarium link. Using your current location, and current date, answer these questions: 1) What constellation is very close to Celestial North? 2) Find the moon.  a) What phase is the moon in?  b) What time does it rise? 3) Go to 8 o'clock (20:00).  a) What planet is closest to the moon?  b) Which way do you have to look to see Orion? 4) Tell me 5 constellations that you would be able to see at midnight tonight.

Posted: February 2, 2015

Due Wednesday:pg 315: 1-8

Posted: February 2, 2015

Interactive Planetarium

Posted: January 30, 2015

Math 110 - Chapter 7 Get ReadyPage 306 - Questions 1-6 Media Studies - Introductory NotesAssignment 1 - due Tuesday Science 9 - Introductory Notes and Chapter 5 BBT 9 - Introduction and begin typing

Posted: January 26, 2015

Find the answers using the websites provided.  Answer the question on a sheet of paper, or type them up in a Word document.  Place into the appropriate bin at the end of class.1. A) Who invented the frisbee?B) What company does its name come from? 2. A) Who was Andrew R. Wetmore?B) What is his father's claim to fame? 3. A) When did Bill Gates graduate from university?B) Who did he start Microsoft with? 4. A) Who invented the snowmobile?  In what year?B) What two inventions do babies use?C) Why was the instant replay invented?D) Choose 4 other inventions that you find interesting, tell me who invented them, and what year they were invented in (if stated). 5. A) What did the Blue Jays do in 1992, and 1993?  What was the last team to do this?B) How did the last game end? 6. A) What is dyslexie?B) What makes it different from other fonts?, you may find the answers in one of the videos at the bottom of the page.) 7. A) Why would someone sign up for indigogo? (Your own suggestions here)B) Put two ideas that you would consider funding and two that you definitely wouldn't (include the URLs). 8. What are three things that you can do to keep yourself safe on Kijiji? (Put in your own words, no copying and pasting!) 9. A) Who won the outstanding performance of an ensemble in a drama series?B) Which male and female actors won the outstanding performances in a motion picture?C) Who won the lifetime achievement award? (Note, it was presented by her famous daughter.  Who is her daughter?) 10. A) Why is it important to know your flash's range?B) What is the tip use to bring your picture to life?